I often refer to the Law of Attraction as “co-creation” – a powerful partnership between you and the Universe, where together you create a life you love by attracting in what you want.

This is a meeting of two forces: your own consciousness broadcasting to the Universe what you most desire and the energetic Universe you belong to then responds.

You tell the Universe what you want not just by the words you say, but by your overall energy vibration.

That energy vibration you emit is a reflection of what you BELIEVE, what you THINK, what you FEEL, what you SAY and what you DO. All these things in totality create your conversation with the Universe.

This is what I refer to as your “Equation for Creation”:

The Equation for Creation and Manifesting

Belief + Thought + Feeling + Action = Result (BTFA=R)

When you align positive beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and actions to what you want, and you bring that vibe to your life daily with consistency, the Universe does respond and sends great things your way!

BUT – here is where some of us come unstuck and end up having challenges…

Attracting what you want is only ONE PART of the game! You’ve also got to take action to harness what you receive from the Universe.

Believe in your vision, keep vibes positive, take lots of action, trust the process, allow it to flow, manifest it. With young green sunflower blooming.Remember, it’s “CO-creation”. So you put forth the vibe and the Universe responds. It sends awesome things your way – such as openings for change, new opportunities, people, inspirations, ideas, support, resources, and signs to guide you.

However, when they arrive, you MUST take action to seize the day and make the most of what you’ve been given.

Asking for and manifesting great things is the front end of your Equation for Creation, and being willing to receive and take ACTION is the second part, in order to harvest from the seeds you’ve planted.

You might be wondering, “What action? Surely we just ask for the relationship, the money, the job, the lifestyle, and the Law of Attraction will take care of the rest, and that’s that, right?!”

What it means to take action

• If you see the opening for change appear, you have to step into it and say yes to change and take action accordingly.
• When opportunities present themselves, stand up and grab them with both hands.
• After inspiration comes to you, stop and write them down and do something with those ideas.
• When the ways, means, support and resources to help you achieve your goal become clear to you, take action to utilize those gifts to propel you forward.
• When a potential relationship shows up, open your heart, say yes, be willing to put yourself out there, and go on that date!
• When the job shows up, go for it and shine in your interview with confidence.

But instead, here is what sometimes happens… we hesitate. 

Hesitation equals stagnation

That’s the last thing we want when we’re manifesting the life of our dreams. We want flow and momentum in a forward direction.

Why on earth would we hesitate when we’ve just been delivered a gift from the Universe?

Cartoon vector illustration of man who can not make Choice.Instead of celebrating and taking swift ACTION to harness the moment, we might instead:

• Feel fear (of failure or of success)
• Question ourselves
• Get distracted
• Not prioritize it
• Let our limiting beliefs keep us stuck
• Shy away from the uncertainty of what lays ahead

We asked, the Universe did its job and delivered, and then we don’t follow through to complete our part.

Remember, the Equation for Creation is Belief + Thought + Feeling + ACTION = Result.

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6 Steps To Make The Law Of Attraction Work For You

1. Define what you want

Focus on things that are genuinely meaningful to you

2. Believe

Nurture your belief in what you want. Believe it’s yours, believe in your worthiness to receive it, believe in the Universe and how it functions in response to your energy vibration.

3. Think positively

Use a daily practice of positive thinking to build up a mindset of faith, trust, patience, and unwavering knowingness that what you want is here.

Affirmations audios are a great, easy way to support a powerful mindset.

4. Elevate your feelings

Use simple tools and rituals to put yourself in a good feeling state on a daily basis. Have fun with it!

Use things like uplifting music, positive videos, and audios, exercise, having fun with friends, laughter, gratitude, and visualization. These are all simple ways to prompt yourself into a positive feeling.

5. Pay attention to how the Universe is communicating

The Universe is sending you signs – calling for your attention, asking you to step forth into action, in response to what you want. The Universe is guiding you!

6. Take Action

When you get the signs, the opportunities, the openings for change – take ACTION.

Even if you feel fear and even if your mind comes up with a negative thought, trust your intuition about what you know deep down is good and right for you and move in that direction.

Start Manifesting Today

There will rarely be a time when you won’t have to take action in your life to create the result you want, even if it’s simply to open your hand to receive with confidence what the Universe delivers, knowing you’re worthy of it.

So next time you’re manifesting something awesome in your life and you’re ready to rock the Law of Attraction, remember these simple steps and tips.

Bernadette Logue

Bernadette Logue is a Transformation Life Coach, the author of 3 personal growth books & the founder of PinchMeLiving.com - showing you how to master your mind, to live consciously and soul-aligned. She provides live online events, group programs and private coaching, as well as inspirational free resources for her community worldwide.