Do you know someone who always seems to get what they want? They always seem positive, happy, almost to the extreme? Do you sometimes think they are a little bit nutty, or they must be faking it?

I believe these kinds of people simply manifest through positive thinking.

Sound naïve? Maybe. But, just think about it for a second: have you ever thought about something and have it come true? I bet you have.

I believe that our thoughts are material. Our thoughts create our lives. We can manifest our deepest desires through projection. It happens to me all the time! I can even get parking spots this way. I’m not kidding, ask my kids.

When I’m driving around looking for a parking spot, I close my eyes (while at a red light, don’t worry) and I literally see the empty spot in my mind. I feel grateful for having this empty spot. I’m not joking. Every single time I do this, I get a parking spot.

I also visualized the births of all three of my children. Starting around eight months or so, each night before falling asleep, I would close my eyes and imagine the entire birth from start to finish. I didn’t just “think” about it; I “felt” about it. Every little detail, every little feeling. And I know you’re going to think I’m delusional, but I swear each birth happened just the way I imagined.

Is it coincidence or magic? Neither. I have simply mastered the power of projection!

My quote in my high school senior yearbook was:

“God never gives you a dream, without giving you the power to make it come true.”

I didn’t realize this back then, but that quote is nothing more than the power of projection.

The power of projection is incredibly strong. I know that everyone can master the power of projection if they just practice it. All you need to do is follow these tips: 

1. Tell Yourself to be Quiet

Many people never get so far as to manifest their desires because their critical minds step in too soon. Before they are even able to formulate a concrete desire, their grumpy old mind starts yapping.

“That’s never going to work.”
“You can’t do that; it’s too expensive!”
“How will you ever manage to do that?”
“What will people think?” 

And the list goes on.

It is important to allow yourself to formulate your desires in your own head before you can expect anything to manifest. So, allow yourself to really feel your desires. Let yourself dream about things. Go ahead and be unrealistic! You deserve it!

2. “How” is for Grumps

Once you have shut up your grumpy old self and formulated some dreams or desires, it’s time to get into the details.

Make it real in your mind. What exactly does your dream look like? Imagine your desire already manifested. Envision all the details of it. Think about where, when, who, what, and—most importantly—stop yourself from thinking about the “how” of it.

When you start thinking about how you are going to achieve this desire, you begin to restrict yourself. The manifesting stops because you then start sending negative, restrictive energy into the universe.

The universe gives you what you send out. In other words, if you only think of the end result, you will get the end result. If you constantly think about how to do it, or what to do if it doesn’t work, or how to get around obstacles, you will be given obstacles. In essence, if you’re thinking about obstacles, it’s obstacles you will get.

3. Get Emotional!

So, you’ve formulated your desire, you’ve told your critical self to be quiet, and you’ve envisioned the end result. That’s enough, right? Wrong. You now have to allow yourself to feel the emotions of receiving that end result.

Let’s say your biggest desire is to get a promotion at work. You’ve allowed yourself to admit that you want a promotion and deserve to want it. You’ve imagined being asked to your boss’s office, imagined sitting down in the chair, imagined him or her telling you about your great performance and that fabulous promotion you will get.

Now, you have to imagine the feeling you will likely have when it really does happen. Really feel those feelings. Smile while you’re doing it. Imagine your heart filling up with joy. It’s important to feel it, because this will round out your projection, strengthening the energy of the desire itself.

4. Don’t Forget Your Manners

Once you have felt the happiness in your heart, you say thanks to the universe for receiving this. Again, you don’t just say thanks; you need to feel thankful.

Gratitude is an attitude. Attitude is about how you feel about something or someone. You need to feel the gratitude as if your desire has already manifested.

5. Practice Makes Perfect

Don’t expect this to work from the start. Especially if your critical, overly cautious voice is particularly strong. But please keep on trying! Believe me, you can practice this.

Some people create tools, such as vision boards, to help them remember their desires.  Vision boards alone do not work, in my humble opinion. It is not enough to just have boards with pictures of your desires hanging on the wall. You need to really follow these steps. But if it helps you to be reminded of your desires then, by all means, create a vision board.

Remember: by practicing these steps, you will be on your way to getting what you want.

You deserve to be happy. Please remember that it is ok to want things in life. Tell yourself that it is ok to want things. Allow yourself your desires. And then follow these steps. Let me know if things start materializing for you. I know it will work! 


  I am a mother of three young children with a Bachelor's Degree in German, a Master's in Business Administration (MBA), years of consulting experience, and currently in graduate school for psychology. I was born and raised in the United States and live in Germany.  I am also a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and regular meditator! My interests include spirituality, yoga, health and wellness, science, mindfulness in all things, and more! I try to live mindfully aware, and I write about things that help me do that. My personal blog is Modern Day Mindful.