Some people tend to live in the fear, and your life goes on auto-pilot, they just go through the motions, going by every day, not really living. I was there myself, until I started getting some signals that something was not right.

I was a corporate employee for 20 years, and for the last 4-5 years I was getting sick, feeling anxious, and getting panic attacks, feeling unfulfilled and even, somewhat, depressed. I knew, deep in my heart, that I was supposed to be doing something else.  I felt so out of alignment working in the corporate environment, and it was getting to affect my emotional and physical health. So after some soul searching, I decided that it was time to live life on my own terms and do what I love because life is really short.

Feeling that you don’t belong in your job is very common; you might even be successful at it and make a good check every month. You’re providing for your family, and you can even buy nice things, etc. You know you must be grateful for that, and you might even have a voice inside of you telling you, “who do you think you are for wanting more? You should be happy with what you have.” 

… But deep in your heart, there’s this longing for more meaning.

The end result is that if you don’t do something about it, you will continue to feel stuck, and you’ll be holding yourself back from your dreams. This will make you feel like if your internal radar is off, and you’ll look for answers outside of you, because you have been disconnected from your center – your True Self. As years go by, there are layers and layers of fear and guilt that have accumulated, so eventually, some of us bury our purpose, and just go through life, but we’re not living from an authentic place.

Fear holds us back, and some of us keep surrendering to the status quo, because keeping that job is “what we’re supposed to do.” The truth is that staying confined to that office, that cubicle and being submitted to the clock-in clock-out, leads us to a slow death. Some people know, deep in their hearts, that there’s something else to life because that feeling of longing for something else, more meaningful, could be getting stronger and stronger. This is a signal for growth and expansion, we just need to listen carefully to what our spirit is telling us and take action.

Think about it, we spend so many hours of our lives doing something that, most of the times, we don’t love, at some point, that dissatisfaction gets into us and it starts affecting other areas of our lives (our health, relationships, etc) and our level of joy and fulfillment is usually very low. When we’re not aligned energetically to be who we came here to be, we’ll continue to feel struggles. So giving ourselves the permission to want what we really want, is going to lead us to the highest levels of joy and faster than anything.

Living from your Authentic Self (True Self) and finding your Life Purpose is one of the most courageous things you will do for yourself. But, there is a main block that gets in the way of finding our Life Purpose. This common block is FEAR, and it manifests in many different ways. One thing is for sure, we’re either living on purpose or we’re living hiding behind our fears.

The following are a few signs that will show you how fear is manifesting and getting in the way of you getting clarity about your Life Purpose: 

1. You feel stuck and stagnant – You feel that you accomplishing little.

2. You feel confused – You don’t know the steps to move forward.

3. You tend to worry a lot – Energy is moving through you but it has no outlet, it’s being channeled into a negative pattern – worry.

4. You feel lack of energy – You feel like if you’re leaving on inertia.

5. You feel hopeless – You always have a justification for why you can’t live your dreams.

6. You Procrastinate – You keep Putting things on the back burner, something always comes up.

“The only thing that prevents you from achieving your dreams and getting what you really want, are the excuses you tell yourself.”

These stories, based on fear, will block any chance that you could have to live an authentic life, aligned to your Life Purpose.

If you ask yourself, what would be the benefits of working toward your dreams and living on purpose, here are a few of them:

You would be living from an authentic place, owning your own story. Providing an amazing example to your kids, by encouraging them and those around you, showing them that it’s possible to live being true to yourself. Your relationships improve in a magical way. Your days will be filled with meaning, excitement and enthusiasm. Nothing will bring you more joy and freedom in life than living aligned to your True Self and your Life Purpose. Because ultimately, living the life you came here to live, and being who you came here to be – giving your greatness to the world, will create a beautiful ripple effect that is so needed nowadays!

Here are a few steps that you can follow, to start moving forward towards the life you came here to live:

1. Truly know yourself – Remember that you’re a spiritual being and therefore you’re whole and complete.

2. Get clarity – What is important to you and what do you want? – Give yourself permission to want what you really want.

3. Release what is no longer serving you – Create space for the new and expansion.

4. Connect with your passions and gifts – Do more of what you love.

5. Understand the many faces of fear – Fear will get triggered when you make a decision like this, but do it anyway and s-t-r-e-t-c-h beyond fear!

6. Make a plan – Creating a concrete purpose-filled plan.

7. Find support – Have someone on your side that can support you, guide you and hold you accountable.


Patricia Young is a Certified Life & Holistic Coach, Reiki Master and Founder of Inner Prosperity Academy. Her mission is to reunite her clients with their Authentic Self and help them align with their Life Purpose, supporting them in creating a more meaningful, joyful and peaceful life. A life filled with INNER PROSPERITY, so they can give their gifts and greatness to the world. You can download her free report here.