Napoleon Hill wrote Think and Grow Rich based on the simplicity of accessing the subconscious mind through commitment of desire, enthusiasm, faith, and gratitude.

There is a process of planting positive seeds of expectation into the sub-conscious mind. One can truly “think and grow” by simply documenting one’s intentions into a personal journal each new sunrise, affirming the statement to the universe, and visualizing its manifestation with the inner eye.

Key #1

An Affirmation is a positive statement made in the present tense and accepted in the conscious mind as a seed to fully blossom in the garden of the subconscious mind.

My affirmation: “I awaken all senses to universal attunement each new sunrise and greet the heavens with love and light”.

Key # 2

A Promise is a personal commitment to completion of an action, deed, event, or behavior

My promise: “I will live this day as if it is my last and cherish each new breath and heartbeat”.

Key #3

A Goal is a visualized aim, with objectives, intentions, an end result expectation

My goals: “I nourish all seeds of creative thought with faith, hope, belief in the value of all dreams and visions”

Key #4

Visualization is a mental picture imprinted in the mind’s eye and repeated incessantly to tie imagination to reality.

My vision: “I see wonderful blue skies and sunny days with every aspect of my life”.

Key #5

Acknowledgment is the expression of appreciation and gratitude or the recognition of the existence of truth of something

My acknowledgement: “I chant songs of thanks and praise as my grateful heart fuels appreciation for all gifts bestowed by the unlimited universe of creative energy”.

Key #6

Belief is a mental attitude of acceptance or assent without the intellectual knowledge required to guarantee its truth

My belief: “My mind becomes empowered by constant repetition of positive thoughts and the best is yet to come”.

Key #7

Self – the inner personal image (positive or negative) one has of this entity called “me”.

My self: “I am a positive powerful being blessed with talents that deserve to be richly rewarded”.

Choose one or all seven statements each day to awaken your sunrise with affirmations, visualizations, and a grateful heart attuned to the universe.

Find that quiet place, state your power thoughts, record them onto a journal. “Ask and you shall receive”.

The universe will acknowledge your positive vibrations a thousand fold!