Many of you are familiar with the varied benefits of meditation. Meditation helps you to relax, relieve stress, improve your health, focus, etc. What you probably haven’t read about is the emotional, physical and spiritual healing that occurs when you meditate that gets you to the point of experiencing the plethora of benefits.

There is a general myth that meditation somehow creates a mythical “bubble” that surrounds you; and that through meditation you instantly become more peaceful and a better person.

In actuality, what is going to happen as you meditate regularly, is that you are going to go through what I like to call a healing process. You can think of the healing process as a shedding of “layers of your skin” that do not serve you and bringing into light the new you; with emotions, a physical state and spiritual connection that is more in alignment with who you truly are as a spiritual being in physical form.

Healing Process

As an example of the healing process, let’s say you have 10 layers of skin to go through in order to become the person of peace you desire. Now let’s say that you have just begun meditating and have only shed your skin once. As a result, you are at a level of 9 of peace. Therefore, you will attract and be attracted to situations, places and people that are also at a level of 9. Now, of course, 9 is lower than 10, but you may not be able to tell the difference between the two since they are so close together.

You also may not have even consciously noticed any emotional, physical or spiritual releases that occurred in order to reach this level.

Examples of releasing energy could be:

  • A surge of anger that flows through you
  • Feeling uneasy in your stomach
  • Feeling like you have a cold
  • Feeling tired
  • An old pain that starts to flare up
  • Old memories that come back into your awareness
  • Tears emerging for no apparent reason
  • Feeling a need to figure out your life purpose, etc.

Now let’s say you have been meditating regularly and you shed 7 layers of skin quickly in a short period of time. As a result of the quick shedding, you can release things that cause you to undergo a healing crisis. This results from the healing occurring so fast that you are not able to handle the physical, emotional and/or spiritual consequences of that healing.

For instance, if you suffer from depression, have experienced a serious trauma, or have irrational fears, the surge of all the releasing could cause you to fall deeper into that state or resort back to your old coping mechanisms which may or may not have been supportive to healing.

It is during these times that you may want to consider consulting with a specialist of your choice who will be able to help you deal with the emotional, physical and/or spiritual issues that arise.

Now let’s say you shed 7 layers of skin gradually over a longer period of time. As a result of the gradual shedding, you are able to notice your particular patterns of healing. This allows you time to develop ways to help move the stagnate energy that does not serve you and sustain the healing process. The gradual healing process also gives you more tools that could help you handle a healing crisis on your own.

Note: Through a regular meditation practice, you will begin to notice that there will be times of both gradual healing and quick healing. The two will alternate at different points in your life based on many factors.

Change in Your Point of Attraction

“You cannot travel within and stand still without.” ~James Lane Allen

If you shed layers of skin and release energies that do not serve you, several things involving your environment will change as well. For instance, things that you used to like at a level of 10, no longer feel good to you right now. Or maybe some of the music that you used to listen to will no longer resonate with you anymore. It may feel like the words involve too much conflict; and since you are no longer resonating at that frequency, then it does not feel good for you. This is natural. It is a natural transition to a more peaceful world.

Below are a few other possible situations or combinations of situations that could occur in your life as a result of a regular meditation practice:


  • Relationships that were tumultuous are now more peaceful overall
  • You rarely or no longer interact with individuals who still have levels of “skin to shed” to reach your level
  • You attract different individuals into your life and develop relationships that are more to your liking

Food and Appetite

  • Foods you used to gravitate towards that are considered unhealthy, no longer appeal to you
  • You decrease your habit of eating out of distress
  • You gravitate towards foods that are healthier for you
  • You lose weight because you are eating more consciously now and/or have a different perspective about yourself
  • You are more mindful of urges to eat that are not related to hunger

Note: The above are examples of possible situations in two areas of your life; however, keep in mind that other areas of your life will also shift as your point of attraction changes.

Light At the End of the Tunnel

After reading about the healing process, are you slightly scared about starting or continuing meditating? Well, don’t be! None of what I discussed in this blog article is meant to scare you away from meditation. It is only an effort to prepare you for the process of becoming whatever it is that you desire to become.

Whether you want more peace in your life, more abundance, a healthier weight or healing from the past; there is a process of healing and a change in your point of attraction that occurs. To me, these changes are inspiring because that means that over time, you will become that better person. You just have to let go and release all the “old baggage” and become whole again.

Shawngela Pierce

Shawngela Pierce

Shawngela Pierce, is an author, meditation, law of attraction and spiritual life coach. She invites you to become the best version of yourself by healing your mind, body and spirit and releasing that which holds you back. See yourself in a new light through the process of meditation, strengthening communication with your inner guides and shifting your subconscious mind. Anything is possible if you tap into your power and allow it to guide you. Discover how in her Free Video Series.

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