If you’ve traveled on the spiritual journey for a while, then you have bumped into the concept of chakras. But if you’re still wondering what they are or what having a blocked chakra means for you, here are some easy-to-understand answers.

What are chakras (and what does it feel like when a chakra is opening or spinning)?

Seven chakras. Silhouette of a woman against a turquoise sky. Sunset or dawn.Your chakras are spinning wheels of energy. They reside in your body from the base of your spine upwards to the crown of your head.

Connecting to and opening our chakras can hopefully be a pleasant and enlightening experience, although for some the spiritual path may involve a sudden opening to all chakras simultaneously.

Some of the symptoms you may experience when a chakra is opening or awakening

  • Bursting, or flower-opening feeling of flow at the heart chakra
  • Tingling sensation on the scalp or top of the head that indicates your crown chakra is opening or becoming more receptive
  • Sense of pressure or a tapping sensation between your eyebrows as your third eye chakra opens to intuitive insight
  • Pulling sensation under your ribs as the solar plexus chakra makes itself known when your boundaries are pushed
  • Sense of balance and poise as you reconnect with your root chakra and get grounded
  • Feeling of flow or opening to excitement at the sacral chakra as you meet someone new or get excited about a new idea (the sacral/sexual chakra is about creativity in all its’ forms!)

Chakra openings can result in completely life-changing experiences and a total shift of paradigms from relationships, to life choices, as the body, mind and spirit shift to entirely new dimensions of being.

For most of us on the spiritual journey however, we have a slower path to recognition and connection with our chakras over time.

On the flip side, a blocked chakra results in being cut off from that powerful energy source and can cause a myriad of related issues in your life and well-being.

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How do you know if you have a restricted or blocked chakra?

1. Work with energy or crystals to see if the ‘spin’ of your chakras is strong and effective

A crystal pendulum held over a chakra with intention by a friend (or an energy worker) will spin slowly or fast to show the openness or strength of a chakra.

2. Consider your physical state and notice where muscles are tight or joints are sore

Then look to which chakras are involved in the mix, and start the self-inquiry process from there.

3. Sometimes chakra blocks are a symptom of emotional restriction

chakra crystals

It’s important to learn or remember to connect to our emotions within the body instead of running our mental programs in our head. This way, we can begin to realize that stressful circumstances can cause our chakras themselves to feel tight, contracted or sore.

One example of this concept as a frame of reference in the present time is ‘butterflies’ in the stomach before a public speech, where we wonder emotionally if people will like what we say and therefore accept who we are. The solar plexus chakra will kick in and resonate with our uncertainty and nervous thoughts.

4. Heartache and grief can give us actual feelings of pain and ‘ache’ in the heart chakra region

As we begin to take on the new vibrational reality of the loss of a relationship and begin to

Self-Healing Heart Chakra Meditation. Woman sitting in a lotus position with right hand on heart chakra and left palm open in a receiving gesture.

grieve its’ passing, our hearts ache with loss and a sense of movement and release as we let go of energetic attachments.

If we don’t grieve the passing of something fully, or don’t know how to release that emotional energy, over time we could cause a block or restriction to grow in the heart chakra by holding on to past memories or beliefs that no longer serve us.

The end result could be that we are reluctant to open to new relationships in the future. Our heart, at least for the time being, is ‘closed’.

5. You sense intuitively that something is not quite right with one chakra. Or even that something is ‘stuck’ in your Personal Energy Field

You may perhaps receive these messages through 4 different communication channels:

  • Thoughts that pop in, (claircognizance)
  • Visions of darkness in our chakras (clairvoyance)
  • A feeling that we can’t explain  (clairsentience)
  • Auditory messages from our spiritual guidance systems (clairaudience)

What to do when you find or become aware of a block or restriction?

Action of some kind is almost always the answer. At the physical level, we are all learning how to become more balanced and healthy.

Many of us work out by lifting weights, running or practicing yoga, for example. Many more people are beginning to understand that a healthy diet is also important for optimal physical health.

The next step in our personal development is to learn more about balancing our Personal Energy Field. Thus you learn how to access the wisdom stored therein.

You can start that particular journey by learning to connect with your chakras; identifying blocks and restrictions, and finding ways to clear them.

Unblock Chakras For Optimal Life Balance

How do you know whether an emotional blockage is keeping you from moving forward in life?

Most of us carry emotional blockages. They can show up anywhere — in our relationships, at work.

These blocks create an imbalance in mind, body, and spirit but we can restore balance through an ancient energy system.

Recognising where an energy block has accumulated is the first step.

But leaning how to unblock chakras is what’s needed to restore balance in the body and mind.

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Sarah Lawrence Hinson

Sarah Lawrence Hinson is a spiritual blogger, intuitive reader of the Akashic Records and Personal Energy Coach. Since 2010 she has been writing about her experiences of different energy modalities, alternative health and wellness, intuitive insights and her awakening to the remembrance of the Akashic Records, a soul-level energy that literally ‘records’ our lives, thoughts, circumstances and emotions. Think of the Akash as the spiritual internet! She is excited to share her unique perspective with the FinerMinds community. Like many of the readers here, she is on a spiritual journey and has had many an odd experience on the way. She is qualified in an internationally recognized form of energy work, is a reflexologist and somewhat of a nerd with Wordpress. Sometimes the actual internet is just as interesting as the spiritual/Akashic version. In 3D, she is a Brit abroad raising two teenage girls in the heart of the MidWest.