It doesn’t take a scientist to understand that a daily practice of meditation or conscious breath work will benefit our lives in positive ways. But how much does it actually benefit us?

I know for me, it was really challenging to commit to my practice at first. I would sit there for 3-minutes feeling like it was such a waste of time. I’d get bored. I’d feel angry. My body would ache. I would get annoyed with the fifteen different conversations going on inside my head all at the same time.

It was really hard.

Especially because nobody taught me a technique to entertain my crazy mind. However, I stuck it out and I stayed committed to the practice and slowly but surely, I started to see some tangible results in my life.

Now, a decade later my practice hasn’t changed my life, the benefits have rippled out to thousands of people’s lives around the world through my eCourses and workshops! Amazing, huh?

Here are some of the big ways meditation helps me to excel in life, business, sports and my relationships and how it can help you do the same.

The Bottom Line: Why I Meditate

1. It makes me feel less hyper and crazy

Ever since I was a little kid I have always been a hyper person; I get super excited and ungrounded quite easily. In one sense, it’s awesome because it doesn’t take much to get me revved up, but on the down side of being hyper, it causes me to make some ungrounded decisions.

Meditation helps me to channel all that high energy and ground it down through my body so I can feel what’s real and what’s not.

I definitely make better choices now.

2. It helps me see my own lies

Like most humans I have stories running through my mind; many of which are not true.

Practicing self awareness helps me to release the thoughts and judgments I have about myself or others and replace them with more positive, supportive thoughts.

I feel much clearer about who I am and what I want in life.

3. It supports me to soften into compassion 

As I meditate and become present with my anxiety, judgments, ‘make-believe’ stories or even my ignorance — I get to practice compassion, acceptance and forgiveness.

I believe this makes me a better, more caring person.

4. It’s good for my health

When I do a 20-30 minute breath practice I am always blown away at how clear, connected, ‘in my heart’, and amazing I feel.

I find that the good energy I cultivate in my practice bleeds into the rest of my life and day.

My future self is always grateful when I show up to practice. 

5. I am a better husband and friend

On days that I meditate I find I listen better, I am more receptive to my wife or friends, and I feel more present and connected in my interactions.

I take things less personal when I’m faced with conflict and I feel much more grateful for the people who bless my life and make it what it is.

6. I am a way better athlete 

I am a golfer and I play almost everyday.

Because I know how to show up to my shots present and committed to my target,  I am playing way better golf, more consistently. I also get a lot less aggravated when I hit a poor shot or don’t have the best round (which also makes me a better golfer).

7. I am a better entrepreneur 

When I am trying to plan out my week, month or year ahead, I often go for a hike with my journal and a bunch of questions. I find a beautiful spot to sit and then I spend the next few hours actively listening and allowing the answers to come to me naturally.

My ability to navigate my life and make great decisions for my business is exponentially better because of my embodiment practices.

This benefit is easy to see as I look at the growth of my work these last five years.

8. I’m more creative

When I’m meditating regularly, I find I am more self expressive.

It’s like the energy I cultivate during my practice needs somewhere to go, causing me to come up with better ideas for my business or creative projects, be more musical and I naturally want to beautify the world around me.

9. I’m happier

 My meditation practice 100% helps me to feel more relaxed, centred, confident, soft in my heart and connected to life, naturally causing me to be more grateful and fulfilled.

I feel blessed that I have learned this simple practice and that I get to share it with others.

Thank you for reading. Please leave a comment or question below :)


Bradley Morris has a blast supporting people to live activated, mega-fulfilling lives. He’s launched multiple meditation eCourse that are supporting people in 20+ countries to create a daily connection practice they love, plus he's one of the top meditation contributors on Omvana. He also coaches conscious entrepreneurs to create and launch eCourses of their own, so they can free up more of their time, make a big contribution to the world and enjoy all the other stuff they love to do. He is an aspiring professional golfer, husband and world adventurer. He feels so blessed to have a human body and loves his “day job!” For more about him, check out www.BradleyTMorris.com