Have you ever seen a dream you had, play out in real life?

If so, you’re not alone.

It usually goes like this. You have a dream. You may dismiss it but a day or week pass by, and you find the exact dream happening before your eyes in real life.

Freaky stuff? Or is it just the laws of physics working itself out?

Why Do My Dreams Come True?

You may dismiss some of these dreams as mere coincidences, but some are so accurate and improbable that you cannot help but wonder if the true nature of time and your mind are closely coupled.

While often confused with déjà vu (“French for already seen”), the concept of seeing or feeling something that you previously experienced in a dream is a phenomenon called déjà rêvé (French for “already dreamed”).

To dive deeper into the mechanics of our dreams, we looked Dr. Eric Amidi’s (a Particle Physicist and a Certified Hypnotist) fascinating overview of the Collage Theory of Time.

So why DO my dreams come true?

According to Dr. Eric Amidi, the events and happenings are only snapshots of our lives. A “collage” if you will, and in no particular order.

Clock superimposed over silhouette of faceDr. Amidi explains that physics has made great strides in explaining the nature of time measurement. However, the nature of time itself remains quite a mystery to science.

In fact, one of the reasons that quantum mechanics and Einstein’s theory of gravity cannot be unified is that science does not yet have a firm understanding of time.

So why is time so omnipresent that you can feel it everywhere you go, and yet it’s so elusive that you cannot put your finger on it and explain what it is?

Could it be because it’s within you? Could it be because it has its roots in your psyche and not the world out there?

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What happens when your conscious mind shuts down and the subconscious mind takes over?

Imagine that all the things that have happened and will happen in your life are laid out in a collage of snapshot pictures on a wall. However, you can only see a small portion of this wall due to the limited capacity of your conscious mind.

In your waking life, your logical conscious mind constantly grabs these snapshots and puts them in a logical order, one after the other. This is what you perceive as being the passing of time.Photo collage of life moments

However, while you dream or are in deep meditation, your logical conscious mind shuts down. This may allow you to see beyond now and into the future. Your conscious mind is no longer able to categorize the events of your life into a logical order.

Conscious mind out of the way, you get a chance to have a glimpse at the events of your life that would be considered as your future in your waking life…
–Dr. Eric Amidi

When you relax and shut down your logical mind, you may be able to open your mind to a sense of what’s coming and glimpse the whole collage on the wall.

So if you’ve wondered, “Why do my dreams come true?” it’s likely because you’ve accessed an entirely new realm within your subconscious mind.

The deeper the relaxation, the less present your conscious mind is. Therefore, the less able it is to put the events of your life in time order, allowing you to get a broader glimpse of the collage of events in your life, some from your future.

Pretty cool, right?

Just imagine what else your consciousness and subconsciousness mind are capable of.

FinerMinds Team

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