Money blocks come in all shapes, sizes and stories. You will know you have hit a money block when either (a) your money flow stops and you are basically hitting the walls of financial struggle and fear and looking for a way out that you can’t seem to find. Or (b) you can’t get beyond a certain financial ceiling and it feels like you have plateaued and can’t go further.

Eventually this becomes a point of struggle, boredom, and frustration and can make you feel like you have gone from thriving to making do, to worse, surviving… barely!

So let’s take a step back for a moment. Abundance is real (struggle is an illusion!).

Money is spiritual.

The starving artist, healer, and conscious seeker is old energy and not part of the new energy of the New Era.

When you don’t address money challenges and embrace money growth and abundance, you aren’t in service to you. This means your service to others will be thwarted and full of old sacrificial energy.

Conditional ‘ifs and buts’ limit your abundance journey and make it near impossible to experience or sustain.

Each of us has a responsibility to transform our money story. It is a responsibility to ourselves, to the legacy we wish to create and the service we are excited and passionate about offering! Abundance for all as a way of the world starts with you and like all revolutions, begins at home.

Here are 5 steps to clearing any money blocks you have:

1. Acceptance

I am a firm believer that you create your own reality and what you focus on grows.

Worrying is definitely a misuse of energy. I know it is easy to slip into worry, panic, fear, and anger with the Universe or your inner wisdom when it feels like abundance isn’t working for you. Yet you know what you focus on is amplified back and created as your reality. It’s Law of Attraction 101.

Equally, burying your head in the sand and acting all airy-fairy-etheric isn’t going to support you to remove your money blocks. However, the balance of ‘it is what it is and you are where you are’ enables you to be honest and vulnerable with yourself as long you don’t step into self-judgment, or blame (or direct that to anyone including the economy).

This will lead you to acceptance. It is being able to tell yourself how it is without emotion and judgment that makes the difference! From acceptance comes an opportunity to respond and create and build something new. Without acceptance you are more likely to be hot stepping from mental and emotional energy and that simply doesn’t allow for intuition or soul, let alone bring clarity about your next steps!

2. Create a new high vibrational money habit

An easy and a favourite are affirmations – magic wands. Create a spectacular and simple money affirmation and use it like a spiritual antibiotic, 4 times a day for 2 minutes.

Say your money affirmation loud and until you can feel it in every part of your being and if you can do this in front of the mirror even better! Go you!

3. Don’t be generic

It is fashionable and a long-time story to talk about money blocks that are deeply rooted in undivine malevolence: Not believing you are good enough!

Variations to this are, I don’t deserve, am not worthy and so on. In fact, these become so deeply ingrained that I have found in my years of doing money healing work that people find a faux solace in ‘wearing’ this generic statement. It’s like a club membership that has some illusion of safety in numbers.

If you have been wearing this, hearing that you are enough will fall on deaf ears. However, if you have the habit or addiction to this story, go deeper and ask ‘why’ and ‘and’. This gets you to your uniqueness and soul journey and moves you away from generic. Then you can empower yourself to make a choice to resolve the energy and dissolve money blocks with ease!

4. Work with a money specialist

In the same way you would have a health check or dental appointment regularly and not always just because there was an issue. I encourage and recommend an (at least) annual deep dive into transforming your money story.

Expansion is fun and taking responsibility is key. One of the most common excuses for not doing this ironically ends up being money. ‘I don’t have the money (or time, as I am too busy worrying)’. Read that excuse again – it’s an affirmation. Firstly and ultimately you have to make a decision. You either believe and trust in abundance or are pretending you do.

5. Don’t take it all too personally–lighten up

It has the appearance of a tough ride, and slipping into the ‘woe is me’ and victim archetype happens unconsciously. It is a default switch that gets turned on at the first sign of abundance isn’t working in my life! It’s a great distraction from responsibility. Yet if you lighten up and don’t see it as a personal failure, or caused by your mistakes (remember no self-judgment or blame right?), then you don’t get entrenched in what it is you wish you move through.

There isn’t anything wrong with you if you are experiencing money blocks. It is part of your journey and the length of that journey and where it leads is where you can create your magic! You can do it!

Which step has struck a chord with you and what your next steps to dissolving your money blocks? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Sarupa Shah

Sarupa Shah AKA The Soul Agent, is an award winning founder of The Soul Agency. The Soul Agency works with conscious & heart centered entrepreneurs, leaders and Soul led business owners across the globe and helps them put more soul and spirit back into their lives! With a strong passion and mission to transform money stories and assist people to discover their life purpose and get on with living the dream and doing what they are here to do in the world and for the planet. To have your own abundance adventure, sign up for Sarupa’s free 31 Day Money Affirmation Challenge!