Do you ever feel like you could be doing more with your life?

You’d like to learn how to reach your full potential, but you continually find yourself stuck because life just feels like it hasn’t turned out the way you thought it would…

Your heart yearns to be somewhere else, do something else, and be someone else.

If you find at least one of the above sentences to be true, you should definitely listen to it because it knows what you must acquire to achieve your full potential in life.

You have the power deep down within you that can intuitively tell you how to overcome the hurdles in life, which you face each and every day. Something that when triggered will give you the answers to your most pressing questions.

Are you interested in learning how to utilize that power, if it were to truly exist?

You Have The Power To Reach Your Full Potential

Every living thing on this planet has a guidance system, somewhat like the Global Positioning System (GPS) you find in your automobile.

This system is better defined as an Automatic Success Processor (ASP) and it helps in finding solutions for achieving certain goals and objectives.

Simpler forms of life, such as insects, reptiles, and animals, have a twofold success goal:

  • Physical survival, which is limited to finding food and shelter, and escaping or subduing enemies and threats.
  • Reproduction for the survival of the species.

As humans, we have the same two survival instincts embedded in our DNA. This is where the fight or flight response comes from when we perceive a harmful event, attack, or threat.

However, since our brains are far more developed and complicated this allows our guidance system to act on even more areas of our life.

Producing a meticulous plan for escaping financial debt or creating a blueprint to build self-esteem and confidence are just two amazing examples of tasks your ASP is capable of performing.

This means we (you) have the ability to create the life you want, and that’s exactly what you’re doing right now.

Believe it or not, the life you live today has been created and reinforced by your ASP.  

But before we go into more detail on your ASP’s capabilities, let’s briefly discuss the reaction to instinct.

Instinct: The Inevitable Driving Force Of Nature

Instinct is by definition an inborn pattern of activity or tendency to action common to a given biological species.

According to this definition, every creature has an inborn system (instinct) already set in place with the sole purpose being to help achieve success (survival):

  • Baby sea turtles hatch on a beach; without hesitation, they head to the ocean for safety.
  • Honeybees communicate by dancing in the direction of a food source without instruction.
  • Squirrels in the forest know to gather during the fall and store nuts for the winter.
  • Birds have no nest building instructions, but instinctively they know how to do it.

Nature is full of such examples, which really have no explanation other than they have internal instincts, a guiding force that helps them in their natural environment.

But the one thing we have over all other creatures is that we can reason, make choices, and create realities in our world using solely our imagination.

Imagination: The Key To Creating Your Own Reality

Think back to a time when you thought of someone but couldn’t remember their name no matter how hard you tried.

Your brain sent imaginary pictures to your mind of the person; in some cases, you even received an image of the situation in which you met them, but you still couldn’t recall the name.

Then several hours later, while you were doing something else, the name popped into your head.

This was your ASP; it continued scanning all information stored in your brain to find your answer, even though you weren’t conscious of the search at the time.

When you learned to drive a car or ride a bicycle, your brain continuously sent signals to your body to readjust until you succeeded.

Imagining yourself riding around, without the drudgery of having to walk everywhere, created such intense positive emotional thoughts of success that your ASP was stimulated to its highest degree.

So when these emotions were processed, your ASP jumped into overdrive, influencing your muscles to perform appropriately to the task at hand.

Even though riding a bicycle isn’t a natural instinct, but rather a created one by your ASP, imagination along with stimulation was the integral factor in sending strong performance signals to the muscles.

The more imaging your ASP received, the more precise your results.

Now, you perform these tasks without the slightest thought of how mainly due to that intense focus on images of your results your imagination created in the beginning.

Your Brain is The Ultimate Source of Potential

Your ASP is more powerful than anything known to man, using your brain and nervous system that consists of over 100 billion cells, 100,000 miles of blood vessels, firing information at over 270 mph to make 20-million billion calculations per second to create the life you live.

The truth is, your ASP is a super-calculating mechanism within your brain and nervous system, which finds answers to problems concerning finances, relationships, health, and virtually anything else.

Its capabilities are boundless.

Your Conscious Mind Keeps You From Reaching Your Full Potential

Your conscious mind has the amazing ability to reason and make choices, which is fundamentally a great benefit.

The problem is, it can’t distinguish information coming in as real or unreal, and that’s terrible for your internal ASP because it is there to help you succeed in life.

In fact, the conscious mind has all but destroyed it.

Your ASP is locked up in your brain as if it were a convict on death row waiting to be executed for crimes against the world.

But this happens because your mind has been overloaded with negative informational input over the years.

Your ASP worked fine as a child, but whether intentionally or not, society programmed you not to use this powerful solution-seeking system, which is now stopping you from reaching your full potential.

Google Your Brain for Faster Success Solutions

searching for an answerNeed an answer? All you have to do is send your brain in search of it.

It’s a lot like a Google search.

Input the information (think – meditate on it), trigger your brain to start the search mode, and wait for the results.

Let’s take a look at the 5 steps to initiate your Automatic Success Processor and reach your full potential.

1. Target.

Pick a goal, write it down on a note, and place it somewhere you’ll see it often.

2. Believe.

Imagine yourself having reached the end-result, and believe it can happen.

3. Calm.

Relaxing is part of the game; ASP will achieve the goal, collecting information from negative feedback and automatically correcting mistakes, so let it take its course.

4. Learn.

Reminding yourself constantly of your target, mentally correct your aim until you hit your target imaginatively.

5. Action.

Your ASP goes into operation as you act, and you place demands on it by your actions. Trusting that your ASP will work as you act is the key that unlocks the door to success.

By letting it work on its own schedule, your brain will process billions of bits of information to find the specific answer you seek.

Belief is crucial; your ASP operates at levels below your consciousness. It’s impossible to know what’s going on at these levels.

Remember, it works spontaneously according to your present needs. It goes into operation as you act and place demands on it by your actions.

Don’t wait for proof. Act as if it’s already there, and it will come through for you.

Repetition furthers the learning process until negatives are removed from your ASP and the personal development skills and other types of skills are cemented in a solid, positive foundation.

Devote just 15 minutes three times a day for 21 days, focusing on these five steps. You’ll be amazed at how your ASP can change your life.

You’re Worthy of the Success You Are Capable of Creating

You are a unique one-of-a-kind individual. No human on the face of this planet has your fingerprints, brainwave patterns, or DNA.

Your Automatic Success Processor already makes 95% of your choices each day without you knowing it.

Take control, and decide to create the life of your dreams, today.

Don´t worry about potential consequences; everything is better than what you have now. You deserve the life you desire.

Awaken the sleeping giant locked up in your soul, and become the champion in life you were meant to be.

It’s time to reach your full potential and get Fired Up about living and loving life to the fullest.

You can do this!


Gregory L Henderson [aka Pappi], started the journey to discover the elements to the Lost Art of Happiness which opened doors to ancient wisdom practices and cutting-edge neuroscience research results. Today, you can receive this jaw-dropping evidence that happiness and success are a choice and are in your hands by joining him at As you will see firsthand, the practices he has implemented himself and has taught to individuals around the world who achieve the same positive insane results.