Most of us are taught to work hard. That’s “how” you make money. Well, for any of us who have waited tables, worked three jobs, and put in 15 hours a day “working,” we can attest that working hard is not necessarily the key to financial abundance.

When I was a student of How Does One Make Money, I constantly searched for someone to just tell me what to do. I’d have done anything (legal of course), and I was just so tired of my money story.

So, having once been a struggling psychotherapist working 75 hours a week, and making $24k per year, I went to having crossed the 7-figure mark in 3 short years, having truly discovered how to work less, earn more and live the life of my dreams.

And I’m sharing the exact steps I took that had me create wealth, all based on my desires. And if I can do it, so can you.

1. Decide And Know your Non-Negotiables

For well over a decade I wanted to make more money. Like many people, I really wanted it. I was in pain about not having more money, embarrassed, and knew how much not having more was holding me back from living my purpose.

However, if wanting were enough, we’d all be billionaires by now. So the first internal shift I made was making the decision that I would never again struggle financially (even though at the time I had $60 in my bank account and had no idea how to make money).

I made learning how to make money a “non-negotiable” like my life depended on it because it did.

2. Become Clear on Your Present Exact Desires

A mistake many people make when looking to create greater wealth is to either not be crystal clear on their exact desires or want too much for the present moment.

Statistically, only 1 in 100 people even know what they want. So if you desire to travel more, typically that’s not enough to call in the money for your travels.

What worked for me was knowing exactly where I wanted to travel, when, what hotel I’d stay in, what restaurants I’d explore, etc. I became very present to the next or few steps, not the next 10 steps. Meaning, if I desired to take a trip, I’d get clear on the specifics of that trip, including the money I’d need for it and then allow it to manifest.

What can happen if someone has deprived themselves of making money a non-negotiable, you can feel like then when you are asking for something, you have to ask for everything you could ever imagine. Like you won’t get another chance to ask.

The Universe is unlimited and abundant. Take one step, and then the next.

3. Ask for Divine Guidance

I’ve found making money to be a rather miraculous, rather than logical, process. Therefore, most of the “money rules” that we’ve been taught like “working hard” don’t really apply to creating big financial abundance.

Once you’re clear on what really drives you, your desires (not shoulds), meditate, pray, journal or ask, “How is it that this specific amount of money, for this specific desire is meant to come to me?” When you’re available for divine guidance, you’ll receive that guidance in surprising practical, yet miraculous ways.

4. Take Inspired Action vs. Massive Action

You’ll find in the realm of divine guidance, that you’re shown an action plan that has you work smart, not hard. An effort is definitely needed, just not that “pounding the pavement” kind of overworking that many of us have are taught is the way to greater wealth.

For example, my first financial miracle came in when I got clear that I desired funds to purchase a particular coaching program. Within 2 weeks, I had 1 person come to me and purchase 10 of my coaching packages. It was the exact amount I needed to cover the coaching investment. And it required ZERO “pounding the pavement” to get 10 new clients.

5. Get Good at Receiving

The Universe is generous and completely abundant. As you follow these 5 steps, make sure you fully allow yourself to receive all that comes to you.

Many people are tempted to dim their light, or downplay their manifestations as “not a big deal.”

The mark of a conscious leader is a person who learns how to manifest magnificently. People who do great things in their own lives and the lives of others are a very big deal. You are worthy of celebrating.

Take to heart each of these steps and remember that you can create wealth based on your desires.

If you’re just working to pay off credit cards, bills, taxes, and other things that don’t inspire you, it’s not the place to begin your money-making journey. First, allow yourself to manifest many of your desires. You’ll get to a point where paying those bills will become a desire as well.

Look at it this way. If what’s currently going on in your wealth creation process isn’t working, reverse all you’ve been taught about making money. Start to trust your desires.

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Gina DeVee

Gina DeVee

Gina DeVee is an internationally acclaimed coach whose work and experience has spanned the Supreme Court, The White House, and intensive personal study with Marianne Williamson. She is the founder of The Academy: International Coaching Certification for Women, and regularly travels the world following her desires.

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