Do you want to know how to supercharge the law of attraction? Gratitude fuel is the answer. What’s gratitude fuel, you ask? No, it’s not something that needs to be mined from the earth and it doesn’t kill brain cells when you breath it in (although it very well aught to get you ‘high’!) Gratitude fuel is anything and everything you do to put yourself in appreciation for even the teensiest, tiniest aspects of your life.

If there’s one thing we know, the law of attraction means that the thoughts and feelings you fill yourself with is what you’ll vibrate. And what you vibrate is what you get. So my question is this: If you want a life that makes you happy, don’t you want to fill or ‘fuel’ yourself with happiness as much as you can?

Well, I know the answer is obvious. Of course we all want to be happy. The question is: how? How do you ‘fuel’ yourself with happiness if you’re life is less than, well, happy?

Fueling yourself with happiness – no matter how seemingly unhappy your current circumstances are – means finding things to be grateful for as much and as often as possible. In fact, your quantity of daily gratitude fuel should be in equal and opposite measure to the negative aspects of your life. (In other words, the crappier you think your life is, the more gratitude fuel you should be giving yourself every single day.)

So let’s say that the gap between where you are right now in your life – financially, emotionally, relationally, energetically and physically – feels really really far from where you want to be. Then you’re going to want to start using everything you’ve got to notice things to thank about. I mean pull out all the stops and get downright silly about what to appreciate. Here are some starters:

  • Every time you see your favorite color say thanks.
  • Every time you have food to eat, say thanks.
  • Every time you walk, sleep, drive, get a paycheck, or brush your teeth, say thanks.
  • How about clothes? Isn’t it nice to have enough of them to stay warm in the winter and few enough of them to stay cool in the summer? Say thank you!
  • How about the roof over your head when it rains?
  • The friendly cashier at the grocer’s?
  • The happy neighborhood dog?
  • The old man who always greets you with a smile?
  • Clean sheets?
  • Flowers in spring time?
  • A clear blue sky?

See what I mean? There’s tons of things to be grateful for once you start to think about it. So start to think about it and get your Law of Attraction energies on!

Take a minute right now and look around, then answer this: What’s one thing you have to be grateful for? Leave us a comment and let us know :)



FinerMinds Team

FinerMinds Team

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  • Avatar Dle1211 says:

    I am grateful for my meditation.  I vowed to practice this every day and I finally had a breakthrough concerning my job.  I have been  struggling with where I was at in my professional life the last few weeks and my meditation finally gave me the answer.  Talked it over with my boss and I feel like a new person.  Thank you Finer Minds for helping me see meditation really does work

  • Avatar Vee says:


  • Avatar Vee says:


  • Avatar Kathy says:

    I am very grateful for my sweet, delightful, 14 1/2 year old Boxer dog, Novia, who is snoring softly right this minute on the couch of my motor home, Lucy! I’m. Thankful for Lucy, too, even though I am moving into her soon and she’s only 23 feet long!

  • Avatar Sylvia Mann says:

    I am grateful and happy for doing (fianlly) my Meridian Exercise (a form of yoga) which helps me to regain my physical strength and flexibilityy and made it therefore possible last Saturday to re-shape and re-create one of my large flowerbeds without to stop what i was doing. Every time i am looking at this flowerbed i am so happy and proud of myself. Lots more to do but the weather here in Ontario Canada is right now a bit of the cooler and rainier side..but guess??? I am happy to see the Rain fallen and i am happy for the cool breeze as well.

    Oh well, i am getting silly with all this, but it feels really good.

  • Avatar Leila says:

    I like the advice to be grateful for the small things.  Thanks.

  • Avatar Colin Snyman says:

    1 minute? Hmmmm  – Well, my kids are doing homework behind me, I have money in the bank, I am grateful for the food in the kitchen, intellect, wow – the list goes on and on? Thanks, needed that, I’m just going to go for a stroll outside….

  • Avatar BB says:

    Gratitude is nice and all that, but there are some things it just can’t help with.  What if you had a major area of your life that, regardless of what you do, will never turn out the way you want?

    If my life were a piece of paper, there would be a giant, gaping hole in it, and there is no way to ever fill it in.  I can be grateful for whatever I want, as often as I want, and this one big thing just won’t change.  Even though I’m a kind, loving person, there are things about me that nobody understands (except for my friends, who I am eternally grateful for).  Having to hide parts of myself from society is fine, but there is a much higher price to pay.  My soul is crying out and it feels like the world is trying to beat me down.

    Be grateful that you do not have my problems.

  • Avatar Morena says:

    Thanks for having life, for everything in our world!!

  • Avatar Trufflessliceofcakeinc says:

    I am grateful for every thing that God has given. My life my son daughter and my grandson God has given me.The people that are helping me Dawee Dr Padu Miss Marie Pattsie Rev Samson. Just to be able to breath.My mother and my aunt that are with God.As I said all and every thing I am grateful for. Thanks  B.

  • Avatar k.a_re.n says:

    GRATEFUL FOR THIS ARTICLE, FOR BEING SURROUNDED today by friends I love, I am grateful for all my teeth being in my head, I am grateful I am not on the street, I say thaNks for the shoes on my feet, the feet themselves, and that my legs are operational and can walk me to anywhere I choose to go, I am grateful ROTAN is finally civil to me again, and I am grateul for my new gratitude fuel incentive!

  • Avatar Dragonlady1353 says:

    I am thankful for my children and my wonderful grandchildren. And I am thankful that I am still alive….my cancer hasn’t beaten me yet.

  • I am grateful for all the hard work my husband does for us. I don’t often appreciate him the way I should, so today I want to give thanks for everything he does.

  • Avatar Keepindspirit says:

    I have a lot to be grateful for… considering my circumstances. I have shelter, a healthy puppy, food, transportation, clothes on my back, I am healthy, I have a lovely family and great friends.
    So I do have a lot to be grateful for.

  • Avatar Monsterjam22 says:

    I am grateful for beautiful, peaceful, calming music that takes my meditation to a whole new level.

  • Avatar mdpjr says:

    I am grateful I found this blog this morning and for the inspiration it has ignited in my spirit!

  • Avatar Pamvan1957 says:

    I am thankful for my 6 rescue dogs who have in fact rescued me! They have held me together, nursed me with unconditional love and been the best companions anyone could ask for.

  • Avatar perudelights says:

    I am grateful for being alive, divinely guided and protected. I feel like overflowing with joy and light.

  • Avatar Meenakshijohar says:

    Im greatful for where Im and what Im. Ive a family, 2lovely girls, wonderful understanding husband. Iwas suffering from breast cancer last year- just prayed and meditated,never lost hope, had a strong will and a desire to fight back. Today after all kinds of treatment Im healthy and back on my feet with a full time job.   Thanks to God and meditation !

  • Avatar Descie says:

    I am grateful to have the internet to be able to share how grateful I am with others who are like minded.

  • Avatar Titidevi says:

    try vipassana meditation, it will help you accept life for what is and help you enjoy it to the fullest. Give it a go, it might be the answer to that gaping hole you are looking at. 

  • Avatar Titidevi says:

    try vipassana meditation, it will help you accept life for what is and help you enjoy it to the fullest. Give it a go, it might be the answer to that gaping hole you are looking at. 

  • Avatar Kate Larsen says:

    yes, this truly works and makes life so much more fun :-)
    I’m grateful for the basketball game outside my lovely studio on this beautiful day today, the delicious zongzi my colleague gave me from her sister, yummy Guayaki tea to drink and get me going, loving boyfriend call and his sweet fun messages, clean air for wonderful run with girl friend last night, comfy bed to sleep in, running water (esp when burnt finger last week and realised how important it is), and fans or aircon on this hot day, and soooo much more!
    So many Thank yous to god-the creator-allah-buddha and wishing that all on our planet will soon also have these basic but wonderful comforts and love.;-Rainforest-Projects.html

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