The truth is out there – meditation is now mainstream. With the buzz that surrounds it, it is safe to say that this is one of the most popular methods of remaining healthy, both physically and mentally. However, in the busy world we live in, you probably find it hard to find time to ‘just meditate.’

And yet, more and more people vouch for meditation as one of the life-changing activities you must pursue if you want to make your life better.

People let put their guard down when meditating, with it letting energy enter and stress exit. When you breathe in and out, you get to a better state of being. This is how meditation works its wonders.

With such grand benefits, why wouldn’t you find some time to meditate? If you find yourself too busy or stressed at work, some meditation can go a long way for you. It can amend your mood and with it, your performance, as well as keep you healthy.

Let’s face it: we are all stressed at work. Either because of the physical demands or the mental troubles, we all experience a certain degree of stress.

Before we go into how you can implement meditation and work, here is why you need to do it in the first place:

1. Mental Clarity

Have you ever made an important decision and someone stopped you and said: sleep on it? Yes, we are often not at our best mental clarity due to stress or tiredness.

Unfortunately, this is crucial for a business and can cause you many troubles. You cannot be making important decisions on anything less than a clear head, especially if the decision demands strategy and critical thinking or are important to the company.

Science has proven that meditation can improve your mind as well as your body. Mindful meditation is an excellent way to boost the quality of life, but also your work performance by providing you with higher mental clarity.

2. Self-Awareness

Meditation can help you gain a better understanding of who you are and help you become more self-aware. Some forms of meditation such as self-inquiry meditation will aid you in getting a better understanding of your surroundings and yourself, as well as recognize those thoughts that are harmful to you and your actions.

In one study, 21 women who were fighting breast cancer took part in a program with tai chi meditation. As a result, their self-awareness and self-esteem improved gradually, even more than those who attended support sessions.

3. Less Stress

One of the most common reasons why people meditate is to reduce stress. In fact, a study shows that over three thousand adults enjoy a stress-free life due to meditation.

Stress is highly present at work. The mental as well as the physical stress of work can increase your cortisol levels, which in return release cytokines, inflammation promoting chemicals. Then, your sleep becomes disrupted, your blood pressure rises, you are more likely to be depressed and anxious, and your critical thinking is reduced.

4. Anxiety Under Control

Less stress instantly means less anxiety. When you reduce the stress at the workplace, you will be in a much better mood. You’ll get rid of your paranoid thoughts, social anxiety, attacks of panic and obsessive-compulsive behavior. All these can cause you troubles at work.

5. Longer Attention Span

Meditation will literally lift the weight off your shoulders. If you practice it often, you will find that your attention span is no longer short and causing you troubles. Meditation is known to increase the attention’s endurance and length.

6. Reduced Memory Loss

You will inevitably start losing parts of your memory as you age. All people do. Age-related memory loss is inevitable, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot reduce this occurrence. When you are overstressed, you will find it hard to memorize everything. As a result, we often forget important things at work and have to note down every single thing.

Multiple styles of meditation are shown to increase the memory, attention span, and mental quickness. In fact, meditation is believed to help even those who fight with dementia.

Implementing Meditation in the Workplace

In such a busy day, how do you even find the time to meditate? If you understand meditation well and have practiced it before, you can easily answer this question. Meditation can be practiced everywhere and at any time, and it doesn’t require tough, physical activity at all!

People who learned the secret about meditating at work use their lunch breaks or moments when they can be free from interruptions at least for a couple of minutes. Such times can be found throughout the day, even if you are a very busy entrepreneur or a business owner.

It might be tough at first to assign yourself a task during the break, but once you note the benefits, you will understand that they are totally worth it!

Where can you meditate?

One convenient location is the locked door in your office. If you wish to meditate inside and have a small gap of free time to do so, lock your door and don’t let others disturb you.

Meditate for a couple of minutes in a quiet and comfortable room. In a busy and stressful day, this will make a huge change between being anxious and tired and being productive and energized.

And finally, how should you practice?

There are many styles and ways to meditate. You can choose from the numerous meditation styles such as primordial, transcendental, kriya, etc.

Some will ask you to focus on your breathing; others will provide you with a mantra you need to focus on, while the third option will just ask you to relax and focus on literally nothing.

All types are good for you and serve a specific purpose. Research a little to choose the most suitable meditation style for yourself, one you can practice at work, and do this often.

Once you get the hang of it and find time and room to do this, you will note some inevitable changes in your life and work. For the better, of course.

Silvia Woolard

Silvia Woolard

Silvia Woolard is a professional writer at SuperiorPapers and novice entrepreneur from Phoenix. In her free time, she writes and works in a field of popular psychology and marketing. Read Silvia at her Twitter.

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