The moment we utter the word ‘meditation’ all kinds of preconceived notions pop into our heads.

We know it’s a good idea in general. And yet…some of us aren’t that sure how beneficial it is for us personally.

Neuroscience shares evidence for wonderful health benefits such as a decrease in stress, increase in happiness and well-being, and lowering of blood pressure, to name just a few.

All good things.

But have you ever considered it as a tool to manage projects that tank, relationships that bite the dust, careers that are stuck or bosses that can only truly be described as ‘jerks’?

Maybe not.

Over the past decade I’ve dealt with less than stellar health, death of loved ones, unexpected betrayals and I know you too, dear ones, have no doubt had to deal with the losses and demands that life sometimes thrusts upon you.

And it’s a real kick in the teeth when we’re doing everything we can to take our life to the next level and things just fall apart…again.

If you’ve never thought of meditation as a way to mitigate every challenge, frustration or disaster that came your way, maybe now’s the time.

And just in case you’re not yet convinced that this is true for you, here are 3 compelling reasons to start meditating today.

1. Using meditation as a brain break

In our busy, demanding life it’s easy to get distracted from our most important tasks. Meditation helps to starve those distractions and feed your inner voice, allowing you to hear it more clearly, above all the noise of others and the world at large..

So if you’re struggling to get through a project, or make an important decision, don’t take a coffee break, try a meditation break. It’s an incredibly easy tool to give your brain a break and allow your creative juices to flow.

You only have so much attention energy and a quick 5-minute meditation will boost your happiness and creative energy when you need it the most. Try it and see how it works for you…I think you’ll be amazed.

2. Reconnect your inner and outer worlds

We are multifaceted beings living in two worlds simultaneously. The inner world of creative energy and the outer world of physical reality.

Both are necessary for our success, happiness, and well-being, but in this sometimes chaotic world, it’s easy to lose sight of this.

We’re conditioned to believe that success stems only from outer actions forgetting that our reality is but a mirror.

Yet, here we are, trying to hammer the physical world into submission, insisting it changes into exactly how we’d like it to be. Which is about as much use as it is to smash a mirror in the hope of changing our face!

Because our experience of life is largely determined by our mind, our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

And this concept is supported by so many stories of people who transcended life over the most horrendous conditions.

Viktor Frankl is a prime example. A man who survived life in a concentration camp and went on to write arguably one of the ten most important books we have… Man’s Search for Meaning.

He taught us that we have this tremendous ability to change our world through our perception and through learning how to direct our attention.

Attributes which stem from our ability to shut out the outer world and go within.

In a meditative state, we are able to re-establish our connection to the wisdom of the ages that dwells within each of us. That divine self, from which our success and happiness bloom.

It’s one of life’s great paradoxes; as within so without.

Which means it’s essential to our health, well-being, and success that we maintain a connection to that dimension that exists beyond the physical if we are to live abundantly.

3. Meditation for the healing of our spirit

Sooner or later something happens in life that shakes you to the core. Maybe you haven’t experienced overwhelming heartbreak, or unexpected money problems or even had a serious health scare, which left you feeling vulnerable, scared and lost. But none of us get through life unscathed.

Pain is a part of being human. Pesky as that is.

And meditation can be a tool for healing not only your body, but your heart and, most importantly, your spirit.

I can speak a lot about heartbreaking experiences. Where you’re spirit is so crushed that you can’t imagine ever feeling whole again.

My husband had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, with weeks to live and honestly, I didn’t know how I would survive the pain and anguish of watching the love of my life slowly fade away.

I didn’t know how to cope. I wanted to be strong for him, I needed to be strong for myself so I turned to meditation.

There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to dealing with the loss of someone or something that we had a deep and meaningful connection to,

However, one thing that helped me through the overwhelming grief and sadness of the loss of my loved one, was becoming meditative.

I held my pain and loss in meditative prayer, allowing source energy to deliver some degree of support for my grieving heart. I used guided meditations daily for peace and comfort.

And slowly, with a daily dose of meditation, my life energies began to rise again. And as time passed I began to have more moments of joy than sadness.

Don’t be concerned with the how’s and why’s of meditation. Be patient with yourself. Be kind.

I learned that meditation is less of an act and more of a state of being. If you simply sit quietly you have become meditative.

That’s the space where your God given gifts and talents get the nourishment they need to fully bloom.

That’s the place where you rise above the losses and demands that life sometimes thrusts upon you.

And even though today you might be too discouraged, or unhappy to reach for something greater. You’re not.

You’re still here, maybe bowed a little, but never broken. You CAN do this.

Encourage one another.

Love Elle

Elle Sommer

Elle is the founder of Live Purposefully Now, a website that centres around spiritual, emotional and financial transformation. She’s on a mission to empower others to do what matters most to them and shares tools and ideas for manifesting positive changes to help create the best life possible. If you want to find success and love and be happier join her at Live Purposefully Now or on Facebook.   You can also get free instant access to her popular Success Simplified ebook for the tips, techniques and secrets of successfully living the life you want.