I do believe manifesting takes hustle (aka work) and requires effort on our part to move our actions, words and thoughts in the direction of what we want. However, I’ve also learned that there comes a point where we need to chill out and relax. The struggle must be avoided at all costs, because it produces counterproductive energy that prevents us from manifesting.

What’s the struggle? Struggle occurs when we get so uber focused on our goals, or solving a specific problem in our life (especially anything dealing with “lack.” i.e. lack of money, job, happiness etc.), that we start infusing it with negative energy rather than positive.

Focusing on a problem produces ONE result: more of that problem. So even when our intentions are good, and we’ve been working towards our goals and desires with positive thoughts, we can still overdo it and get a negative result.

Think of it this way…

What’s the one thing we’ve all been told NOT to do if we are caught in water and are at risk of drowning? DON’T STRUGGLE, right? If a person is panicking in the water without a life vest, that’s the first thing their rescuer will say. Stop struggling! Get on your back and FLOAT! Relax into the current, surrender your urge to panic with the calm of knowing you’ll be rescued. But not everyone can heed that advice, instead they continue to fight. They may even fight their rescue and put others in danger and perhaps won’t survive. Whereas, had they listened and learned to float with the current they would have been fine.

It doesn’t mean they give up, or take their eyes and focus off the goal of being rescued, it simply means they understand that fighting it only makes the situation worse. They get that going with the flow opens an opportunity for them to be okay.

This might be a dramatic metaphor, but for me, nothing could make this point clearer. When we over exert ourselves, and try too hard to force something to happen, it can backfire, leading to the very outcome we fear the most.

How to Stop Struggling and Start Thriving

  1. Stop THINKING about it. Overthinking anything is unhealthy and counterproductive. Give it a rest for a while. Don’t try to solve the problem for a few days or think about it at all. When it comes up, change the subject in your brain, start thinking about something that makes you happy; like being on a beach or watching your kids play. Think of ANYTHING but the thing you’ve been obsessing over.
  1. Stop TALKING about it. How much have you been verbalizing the problem or situation? Have you talked to friends or a significant other about it at nauseam? STOP. The more you talk about a situation you don’t like, or one you what to change, the bigger it becomes and the worse it gets.
  1. Break your routine. Do something different for a while to help take your mind off it. Add exercise or a daily walk. Ask a friend you haven’t seen in a while to coffee or lunch. Go bowling. Take a hike in nature. Listen to a book on audio. Do something out of the ordinary. Expand what your day looks like and you’ll expand what you focus on.
  1. Focus on what makes you happy. The more we shift our focus, thoughts, words and actions away from our problems and onto what truly makes us happy the faster that happiness shows up. If you don’t know what makes you happy, spend the time you’d normally be obsessing about your problem, to find out what brings you joy. You’ll find that very quickly your problems recede and your blessings take over.
  1. Give. One of the fastest ways to change our struggle mentality is to give to others. Many times, when your struggling you feel as though you don’t have enough for yourself let along anyone else. But if you can find a way to give of yourself; whether it’s your time, your talents to someone who couldn’t afford you, an ear to someone who needs a friend, even passing on items from your closet to someone who would feel blessed to receive them, all of this brings you exactly what you seek. Abundance, happiness and it just might “magically” solve your problem in the process.

When we can relax and simply BE, we open our hearts and our lives to all the blessings that have been trying to reach us. We release our blocks to success, happiness and abundance by simply accepting that the place we are at right now, is exactly where we are meant to be.

This doesn’t mean we get complacent and take our eyes off our goals and dreams, it just means that instead of working on them 24/7 we remember to relax and accept the journey as it unfolds.