A strong relationship requires work and commitment on behalf of both parties involved. Even if you feel that you’re born for each other, you’ll get into arguments, and you’ll have to overcome challenges. In the absence of a proactive approach, the bond between the two of you will soon be weakened.

Strengthening your relationship will necessitate a bit of everyday work. To ensure long-term harmony and stability, you may want to keep the following rules and tips in mind.

1. The Importance of Mutual Forgiveness

Holding grudges is probably the most destructive thing in terms of achieving your “happily ever after.”

Let go of anger.

Forgive your partner for their words, actions or the lack of such. Let go of what you cannot change. Otherwise, the resentment will keep on building up until you reach that breaking point.

If you’re angry, sit down together and verbalize your frustration. Make sure your partner understands how you feel but learn their side of the story, as well. This conversation should be the end of the issue. Make your point, forgive and move forward.

2. Tackle Challenges as a Couple

When you become a part of a couple, you cease having individual problems.

It’s always a good idea to seek advice from your significant other. Even if the issue is a minor one and even if it involves you solely, it’s still essential to communicate.

Trying to address a problem on your own could contribute to the buildup of frustration. Eventually, your relationship will suffer due to extrinsic factors that have nothing to do with the balance and harmony you’ve managed to achieve at home.

3. Make Each Other Laugh

Making each other smile and sharing inside jokes builds a sense of commitment and belonging. It’s important to work towards lightening darker moments and enjoying each other’s company.

It’s ok to be silly with your significant other. It’s ok to do things you’re not going to be comfortable with anyone else. Burping after an enjoyable meal shouldn’t be a source of embarrassment. Instead, embrace the fact you’re comfortable enough with each other.

Living together can result in so many little frustrations and embarrassments. He leaves the toilet seat up? There’s an empty bottle of milk in the fridge? Turn those into jokes or seek your “revenge” humorously. If you learn to keep such idiosyncrasies from annoying you, the chances are that you’ll enjoy a long and unbreakable relationship.

4. Talk about Compromise and Be Ready to Do It

All relationship and dating articles speak about the importance of compromise – a topic that has become such a cliché already.

We all know that a relationship cannot exist in the absence of compromises.

What matters is seeking a compromise that doesn’t make you or your partner feel like you’ve been taken advantage of.

Once again, sit down and talk honestly about it.

Discuss what you’re used to in your everyday life, what you want for the future and which habits or behaviors annoy you the most. Let your partner do the same.

Based on this information, you can pinpoint the things that will stand in the way of growing together as a couple.

Remember that compromise is not the same as a sacrifice. If you ask your significant other to make a major sacrifice with something that they believe in, they’ll start resenting you sooner or later.

5. Make Time for Intimacy

Physical intimacy is the bonding glue in a relationship. It allows you to experience a person in a way you don’t experience anybody else. It takes communication to another level, helps you forget about the unimportant annoyances and feel more connected.

Even when you’re busy, even when you’re mad with each other, you should make some room for physical intimacy.

Intimacy is an important part of every relationship, whether you’ve been dating for five months or you’ve been married for 15 years. The spark will go out now and then. At such times, you should schedule a bit of sexy time, if you have to. Turning intimacy into a routine will get both of you to expect it and to get in the habit of expressing physical affection regularly enough.


Donna Rodriguez is a writer with a Bachelor's degree in Social Psychology. She is an expert in the relationship as she was working for a few years at the dating agency. A lot of people found love with her help. Now she shares her expertise in her writings.