When new clients come in for a tarot reading, one of the most common readings they ask for is the does he love me tarot reading. They are very eager to find out whether their partner, their crush or their soul mate shares their love equally, which is why they turn to tarot for more insight.

The does he love me tarot spread is one of the most popular spreads used during these readings. While there are numerous ways to determine if a person’s love is reciprocated, these types of spreads are generally the most effective.

Most Common Questions Asked During Does He Love Me Tarot Readings

Many tarot readers find this a very challenging reading to do mainly because there is no simple answer to the question: what does it mean to be in love? Is it the same for everyone?

If another person is indeed in love with the client, will this still lead to disappointment if that person’s definition of love is more platonic? What if the other person is in love with more than one person at a time? How will this affect the client?

These are all very possible scenarios that could occur during a reading, which is why usually when a client comes in with this type of question, it’s the reader’s job to discover why it is they want to explore it.

While everyone wonders if the people in their lives return their feelings, not everyone decides to have a tarot reading to find that out. That’s why it’s important to address all possible aspects of the equation. That way the reader can find out why the client may be having doubts in the first place.

Consequently, when a client comes in looking for a is he the one for me tarot reading, the reader usually suggests that they re-frame the question so it becomes more specific and therefore easier to explore.

Does He Love Me Tarot Spread

Once the tarot reader confirms that the client’s main focus is on better understanding how their relationship (whether established or budding) is working, the most common spread suggested in such situations is the eleven-card relationship spread.

This spread helps untangle how both parties perceive the relationship and what they want from it. With this spread, in order to determine a happy relationship, the reader will be looking for alignment of intention.

If one person sees the relationship very differently from the other or wants different things from the relationship, this can mean that the relationship fundamentally won’t work. At least not at this time. On the other hand, the client can use this to see where to focus their energy on when working on improving the relationship.

One card, which if drawn upright can signify a positive change in the relationship, is the Lovers Card. As said by Numerology Sign, “this could signal the beginning of a relationship that will lead to a long-term commitment or marriage.”

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How The Spread Works

For this spread, the reader deals eleven cards. Four dealt vertically on the left, four cards dealt vertically on the right, and a triangle of three cards in the middle.

The cards on the left reveal the client’s perspective on the relationship.

  • The top card reveals how the client views the relationship.
  • The second, how the relationship makes them feel.
  • The third, what it is that the client brings to the relationship, and
  • The fourth, what the client wants from the relationship.

The cards on the right pull down the same information for the client’s partner (or the person that they are interested in).

  • The top card in the central triangle takes an objective look at the status of the relationship.
  • The card on the left reveals how the client perceives the state of the relationship, and
  • The card on the right shows how their partner views it.

This reading can reveal when one person is ready to commit and move forward with building a life and a family together, and whether the other person is ready to do the same. It can also reveal that both parties in the relationship are ready to commit and make it exclusive, but neither has said anything due to fear of rejection. Unfortunately, it may also reveal that one person is genuinely in love, while the other is invested in the relationship for material gain or other reasons.

No matter how negative or positive they are, these are all possible outcomes from the reading.

Fear Releasing Spread

When the reader determines that the reason their client is uncertain about their partner’s feelings has more to do with things going on in their head, than with their partner, the fear releasing spread is generally a better fit for the occasion.

This spread helps the reader identify what’s really going on with the client and why they are feeling the way that they are. It also helps develop strategies for them to overcome their inner fear.

This can be a simple four card spread with one card at the top, two in the middle, and one at the bottom.

  • The top card identifies the fear or insecurity that the client is dealing with.

Do they have a fear of betrayal? Is this leading them to question the motives of the people in their life? Are they insecure about their value and worth, and is this causing them to feel like they aren’t good enough for their partner and therefore question their commitment?

  • The second card points to the cause of this fear, whether it is past betrayal, something that happened in their childhood, or a toxic person in their life filling their mind with doubt.
  • The third card points toward how this insecurity is affecting their life. Beyond the apparent situation in their relationship, how else is this fear manifesting? Is it stopping the person from developing deep friendships as well, or from putting themselves forward for new opportunities?
  • The final card points towards things that the person can do to overcome and release this fear so that they can move forward.

Tarot Philosophy

Many clients–especially new clients–think about tarot as a tool for revealing a future that is set in stone.

That cannot be further from the truth!

A tarot reading looks at the energy of a situation, as well as the intentions of the key players within it, and reveals the most likely outcome. However, that outcome is never set in stone.

While it can be very difficult for an individual to change the course of world events, our intentions are of paramount importance and hugely influential. Changing our intentions can dramatically improve the situation. While we may not be able to stop something from happening, we can change how we respond to it, and therefore change how this influences our lives.

This is how tarot helps us shape the future, by showing us the consequences of our current choices and actions and giving us the chance to make improvements.

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