We don’t like to use the word ‘should’ over here at FinerMinds, but when you’re in the business of personal growth, some things are just no-brainers. And the biggest no-brainer of all, when it comes to being a better, happier person, is this: learn to meditate. Why? Because there is no better way to go outta your ego-driven, neurotic, over-stimulated, limiting-belief-driven, monkey mind than to turn it off – a little bit every day.

And yep, that’s what meditation does – it turns off the analytical, separateness-oriented, left-brain and lets you draw a mental blank for awhile. When you do it, it sounds something like this:

aaaahhhhhhh ….”

or maybe

hhhhhhmmmmm …”

and of course for you Eastern-oriented types, it might be

auuuummmm …”

Even reading those sounds feels good, eh?

Okay, but more than making (or feeling like) some fun noises for a little while every day, when you learn to meditate, you vastly expand and calm your mind the rest of the time, too. Wanna be more happy, more mentally calm and peaceful? Do you want more energy, vitality and yes, probably even success? Then it’s time. It’s really, really time.

For those of you who’ve gotten over the beginners ‘hump’ and now meditate daily – you know what we’re talking about. But for those of you who are still struggling with even a few moments of stilling your mind, here are some things you can do to get you hummin’ along in that blissfully blank state we call meditation.

1. Kill your Television

Quit your whining and just do it. You know it’s like Hostess Twinkies for your brain. When most of what’s on promotes fear, couch-potatoism, self-loathing, mental lassitude (that would be ‘lazy brain’), low self-esteem or consumerism (oh yeah, and then there’s the news and commercials) – is there really any argument?

2. Get like Noah

40 days, baby! Just commit to 40 days – 10 minutes a day. And if you miss a day – start over at Day 1. If you can commit yourself to a mere 10 minutes of meditation for 40 days in a row, guess what? You won’t need any FinerMinds meditation promptings anymore :) Promise.

3. Experiment

You don’t need to draw a blank at the get-go when you learn to meditate. In fact, that’s a bad idea. Much better is to experiment with a variety of guided meditations, visualizations and mantras to start.

4. Forget Gumby

Look, if you can’t make pretzel legs, don’t sweat it – but don’t lay down, either! A comfortable chair will do. Just be sure to keep your spine straight and your legs and arms uncrossed. We can’t all be yoginis or Gumbys. Be who you are and do it anyway.

Have you learned to meditate already? How did you do it? leave a comment and let us know.

FinerMinds Team

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