I taught my children the Law of Attraction from their earliest years.

It was just part of the everyday conversation in our household. And a few decades later, as my children have now grown and created families of their own, I can say that it certainly worked.

They have grown into adults who are conscious creators, aware of how the Law of Attraction operates in their lives.

Try these games to set your child on the right path to attracting the life they want. And then enjoy seeing what shows up for both of you!

1) The “I See” Game

Sometimes, our desires have emotional charges or limiting beliefs attached to them. So to help your child see quick success in attracting what they want, it’s useful to start with something neutral.

Teach your child to set intentions with this easy beginner game:

Decide in the morning on something you want to see that day. Ask your child to pick one thing, too. It can be anything. For example: seeing a little girl with pigtails, or a yellow car. You then set the intention that you will see it that day.

At dinnertime, or the end of the day, share what you saw. Quite often you and your child see each other’s choices!

2) The Appreciation Game

Gratitude is one of the highest vibrations in which we can live. Our feelings of gratitude attract into our life more of those things that we appreciate.

Cue your child to practice the act of gratitude with this simple game:

Gather many coins and give your child enough coins to fill his or her pocket. Tell your child that everytime they hear the sound or movement of the coins, this is a cue to think of one thing they are grateful for.

Teach your children that as they express gratitude, more things will show up in their life for which they feel grateful.

3) The Vision Game

Visualization and consistent reminders of intention are key in helping your child (or even you) to live in patterns that attract what you want.

Create a family vision board.

It could contain details of trips you want to go on together, or things you want as a family.

Put it in a place where everyone can see it. Talk frequently about how much fun you will have and how much you will enjoy it. Even pretend you have already had the experience and talk about how great it was, and name some things that happened as if it already transpired.

Also consider supporting your child in creating a personal vision board.

Your child will want experiences or things that are not shared desires with you. Ask your children about their desires, and help them create their own vision boards.

This teaches children that as they focus on what they want, they will manifest it into their lives. It also has the added benefit of teaching them that their personal desires are valid – a belief that leaves them free to attract what they want the most.

4) The Creation Energy Game

Do a creation energy circle as a family.

Stand in a circle and take turns to speak your desires and wishes out loud and imagine throwing them into the circle.

Go around the group two to three times. When everyone has spoken their desires, have everyone jump into the circle together and dance in the energy of your desires.

Ask the Universe to take this energy and bring you what you desire.

And lastly, as a parent, set the intention that teaching your child the Law of Attraction will be easy, enjoyable and fruitful.

Let go and allow your children to become creators. Your confidence will empower your children to create their own abundant happiness for the rest of their lives.

When parents and children both fully realize that they have an innate power to attract – amazing things happen. What have you already taught your children about the Law of Attraction? What will you and your child manifest together?

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Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, and energy healer. For over 20 years, she has supported tens of thousands worldwide in understanding and living true to their energy. Her current project, The Energy Healer’s Master Course, gives individuals eye-opening tools to heal their lives and become healers themselves.

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