Have you been ‘thinking positively’ for a while, but are still not getting stellar results? There may be some vital Law of Attraction tips that you’re missing. In fact, you’re probably ready to go deeper into making this universal force work for you.

Here are 5 Powerful Law of Attraction Tips to help you manifest the life of your dreams

1. Feel the Goodness

Happy mature Woman Is Pressing Her Arms To The Chest. Satisfied Woman With Closed Eyes Smiles And Presses Hands To The ChestRemember that ultimately, beyond your skin-n-bones, you’re vibration. You’re not actually matter–you’re energy. That energy changes according to what you think and how it makes you feel.

So, if you ain’t feelin’ the goodness of your life on a regular basis, you can be sure that you ain’t attracting goodness, either.

Ask yourself this: “During the majority of my waking hours, how do I feel, what do I think about and what do I speak of?”

If your answer is noticeably less than what you want to attract into your life, then it’s time to change your thoughts so that they start letting you feel the goodness of your life.

2. Appreciate

Motivational and inspirational quote - ‘Start each day with a grateful heart’ written on a paper.One of the quickest and easiest ways to change your behavior is to start going on a rampage–a rampage of appreciation, that is.

You can do this as soon as you wake up to set the tone of your day. Or every time you catch yourself falling into less-than-what-you-want thinking.

You can do it before sleep, with friends, over lunch, in your journal, in your mind, in a house, with a mouse… You get the idea.

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3. Now, Now, NOW!

Happy young man sitting with hands behind head in officeNo matter how far you feel you are right now from where you want to be when you learn how to use the Law of Attraction, you get really good at finding things to be happy about right now.

If you focus on the gap between where you are in this moment and your vision of where you want to be, you put yourself too far outside of it (vibrationally speaking) to ever get there.

However, if you set your vision, affirm it daily, and spend the rest of your time consciously bringing yourself back to enjoyment in the Now, you close the gap between the present moment and future vision.

4. Vision Board It

Dreams vision map chalkboard composition with cartoon style images pinned to black board with text captionsAnd speaking of visions… If you don’t know what you’re after, how can you expect to get it?

There’s nothing silly or time-wasting about creating vision boards or journals. Some of the most successful and happy people leading the field of personal development right now create vision boards for their goals.

Even if you’re more of a word person, your right brain ‘thinks’ in images, and it’s your right brain that you want to activate when it comes to the Law of Attraction.

So if you haven’t done it yet, start flipping through magazines with scissors in hand and create the vision of your dreams!

5. Act ‘As If…’

As often as possible, take some time to ‘act as if’ your dream is already real.

If you want your dream house, every morning when you wake up, before Couple holding hands against furniture backgroundyou open your eyes, use your imagination to literally ‘build’ that dream house around you.

Feel yourself within the space of it. What’s to your left and right? What will your view be as soon as you open your eyes?

If it’s a relationship you want and you’re living alone, clear out one side of your closet for your companion and sleep on one side of the bed.

If it’s money you’re wanting more of, give yourself a universal checking account that pays you $1,000 on the first day and grows by an extra $1,000 each day after that. Balance the account daily after selecting things to ‘buy’, and affirm your delight in your account growing bigger every day.

Now, Watch What Happens

Manifesting abundance, your dreams, and desires may seem challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. By integrating and understanding these 5 Law of Attraction tips and techniques, you can supercharge your abilities to attract everything you want into your life.

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