The words your kids hear from you today will influence the beliefs they hold about themselves as adults. Give them a head start on loving and trusting themselves by consciously choosing the words you say.

Children naturally express one of four general patterns of energy. Each child needs specific supportive messages that honor their natural movement.

Use these phrases in words (or consider how you could express them in action) to help your child feel loved and empowered for who they really are.

48 encouraging words for kids of every kind

Type 1 Child: Fun-loving

These children are light, bouncy, and social. They may struggle with being judged as hyper or flighty. Empower Type 1 children with the message that fun is okay, and they’ll grow up into adults who naturally bring hope and new ideas to others:

Try saying the following words to empower them:

  • You’re so fun

  • It’s okay for you to make noise and laugh and play

  • You’re so creative and imaginative

  • It’s okay for you to change your mind

  • You have great ideas; thank you for sharing them

  • You learn so quickly

  • Trust your ideas; they’re brilliant

  • You’re not in charge of making me happy – I am

  • You can have as many friends as you want

  • I love to spend time having fun with you

Type 2 Child: Sensitive

These children are subtle, gentle, and emotional. They can struggle with feeling invisible or weak. Empower this type of child to see their emotions as strengths, and they’ll grow up to bring peace and comfort to others.

Try repeating the following messages to reassure them:

  • You’re so sweet

  • It’s okay for you to take your time and think things through

  • You’re so thoughtful and mindful of others

  • It’s okay for you to take your time

  • You have great questions; thank you for asking

  • You learn so intuitively

  • Trust your emotional intuition

  • You’re not responsible for my feelings – I am.

  • You can connect with friends however it feels most comfortable to you

  • I love to spend quiet time together with you

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Type 3 Child: Determined

These children are dynamic, active, and physical. They can struggle when always told to calm down.

Encouraging words for kids of this type should be those of support, and they will grow up to motivate and encourage others:

  • You’re so strong

  • It’s okay to move, to touch, to explore, and get your hands into things

  • You’re so determined and good at encouraging others

  • It’s okay for you to move as fast as you want to

  • You do great things; thank you for letting me share them with you

  • You’re so good at learning with your hands

  • Trust your gut

  • It’s not your job to push me to do good things – that’s my job

  • You can engage your friends however feels best for you

  • You did it!

Type 4 Child: Serious

These children are reflective, consistent, and intellectual. They can struggle with being seen as critical.

Empower this type of child with messages of respect, and they will grow up using their keen eye to perfect the world:

  • You’re so observant

  • It’s okay for you to observe and think first, before jumping in

  • You’re so loyal and caring

  • You can have as much structure and routine in your life as you want

  • You understand things clearly; thank you for sharing your thoughts

  • You learn so thoroughly

  • Trust your thoughts; they are brilliant

  • It’s not your job to make sure others are following the rules

  • You don’t have to talk to other people if you don’t want to

  • I respect your boundaries

Messages for Every Type of Child

No matter what type of energy your child expresses, he or she needs to hear positive and empowering messages from you too:

  • Welcome to the world: we have a special place prepared for you

  • You can be you and I will always love you

  • It’s okay for you to be different from me – we will work out our differences

  • You can try new things and find your own way of doing things

  • You’re just the way you need to be in order to succeed

  • It’s okay to make mistakes

  • You can take all the time you need to grow up

  • I love you just the way you are

If You Didn’t Hear Those Messages as a Child…

It’s okay. You can still be empowered now, even if you weren’t as a child. Choose a few messages here that resonate with you the most, write them down, and put them somewhere you will see them all.

Give love and support to yourself as freely as you do to your children.

Empower your children. Empower yourself. As you do, you naturally create a better world.


Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, and energy healer. For over 20 years, she has supported tens of thousands worldwide in understanding and living true to their energy. Her current project, The Energy Healer’s Master Course, gives individuals eye-opening tools to heal their lives and become healers themselves.