People are always surprised to learn that color can tell you so much about each of your chakras. When  I first began to study Color Therapy I was amazed at how accurately the colors I chose could explain what was happening in my chakras.

There are seven major chakras in the human body. Chakra is a sanskrit word that means wheel and indicates movement.

“Chakras introduce movement because they transform psychophysical energy into spiritual energy”-Harish Johari

Each chakra is governed by a color similar to the seven colors of the rainbow. Our bodies have a rainbow of color in them and they all balance different centers in our lives. So imagine how powerful a chakra is combined with using the ancient sanskrit bija (seed sound) for each chakra as well as the corresponding colors.

My intention is to give you an overview of each color, chakra and a short meditation.

You can combine and do a meditation for each chakra or just chose one that you want to focus on.

The 7 Chakras and Colors:

Root chakra

The color red is associated with our root chakra and governs our emotions around love, sex, self-expression and desire.

To balance the chakra close your eyes say the bija sound Lam out loud and visualize the color red filling into the base of your spine and flowing down to your feet. The emotions that balance in this color are your feelings towards love, sex, self-expression and desire.

Sacral chakra

The color orange is associated with the sacral chakra and governs our sensuality, our creativity and our self-esteem.
To balance the sacral chakra close your eyes, say the bija sound Vam and visualize bright orange infusing the sacral area. The emotions that balance in this color are to do with our sensuality, sexuality, our self-esteem and our creativity.

Solar plexus chakra

The color yellow is associated with our solar plexus chakra and governs our self confidence, our fears and the triggers that cause them and our anxiety.

To balance this chakra close your eyes and say the bija sound Ram and visualize bright yellow color flooding your solar plexus area. The emotions that balance in this color are your feelings of releasing anxiety, bringing confidence and assisting in releasing fears.

Heart chakra

The color green is associated with the heart chakra and governs our emotions around guilt, abundance and boundaries.

To balance this chakra close your eyes and visualize the color green and say the bija mantra Yam. Imagine the heart filling then overflowing around the torso area with the color green. The emotions that this chakra can balance helps set boundaries and  releases guilt.

throat chakra

The color blue is associated with the throat chakra and governs our emotions around self expression and communication.

To balance this chakra close your eyes and say the bija mantra Ham and visualize bright blue light filling into your throat area. The emotions that balance in this color allow for ease of clear communication and expression.

third eye

The color indigo is associated with the third eye chakra and governs our intuition and psychic abilities.

To balance this chakra close your eyes and visualize the color indigo. Then say the bija mantra  Aum. Then imagine your forehead area infused with indigo light. See it bringing clarity to your thoughts and visualizations.

third eye

The last color is violet and it is associated with the crown chakra. It governs our connection to ourselves and our emotions around meditation.

To balance this chakra close your eyes and visualize the color violet infusing around your head then say the bija mantra Ah. Then imagine yourself having positive kind thoughts about yourself. You could visualize everything being clear and connected.

I invite you to become aware of the colors you keep seeing or wearing and inquire within yourself:

Is this a color I am needing more of or is it a color I should be embracing?
Color Therapy is a detailed therapy that can provide insight into our past and current lives and it can guide us into understanding what aspects of our lives we can balance.

Hemla Makan

Hemla Makan

Hi, my name is Hemla Makan - Dullabh and I am a Holistic Mentor based in Palo Alto, California. I founded 7 Rays Holistic Center in 2002, fifteen years ago. My work focuses on one simple statement. Awaken the power within you! My intention is to listen,guide and nurture, so that people feel empowered and build their own self-esteems. I guide my client to recognize the blocks and old patterning that inhibit their growth and together we find ways to repattern our thinking and our actions. I specialize in Color Therapy, and also practice crystal healing,past life regression, quantum energetix, family constellations, reiki and couples color therapy. I was born in Durban, South Africa and moved to California in the U.S. 6 years ago. My background is as an artist and a teacher. I am a mother to two teenage boys.

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