LinkedIn has become one of the most popular networking tools that is actively used by people in every industry.

According to the recent survey of the Society of Human Resource Management, more than 90% of employers rely on this service when they need to find suitable candidates. Thus, your LinkedIn profile shouldn’t just be storage of different contacts, you need to turn it into a living record of your career development and personal growth. Here is what you need to remember.

Include the Necessary Information

The very first tip from career experts and career coaches is to create an outstanding profile that will market you and help you outshine the rest of the competition. Expert LinkedIn profile writing from Resume Writing Lab can become a great investment in your professional career development and help you get noticed much faster. There are things that are obligatory and things you shouldn’t put on your LinkedIn profile.

Think about the first impression. Never insert a photo of you among several other people, your party photo or any other picture that’s not a professional headshot. Also, you need to create a catchy headline that will reflect your key strength or major skill and sell you to potential recruiters.

If you don’t know how to start networking, add several people with big networks among your close connections. This way you will gain access to a bigger pool of people for networking.

1. Learn About New Industry Trends

What is career development if it’s not connected with constant learning and self-educating about the new industry trends and people you work with?

Whether you are going to attend a special meeting or event, go to the job interviews or want to approach a prospective employer, go ahead and research them on LinkedIn. Look through the information on their profiles, read their articles and learn about their interests. Prepare yourself to communicate and network with people. Build a strategy in your head on how to approach these people.

2. Be Social

It’s obvious that you need to be social if you use a social networking website. Don’t just save the new connections you’ve met. Actively participate and engage with them by sharing, liking, or commenting on other people’s activities.

It’s great to find new connections and add people you’ve never met to your network. But if you want these connections to be really useful for your personal growth and career development, don’t forget to write a customized message with your invitation. For instance, you may send something like this: “Hi, Peter! We don’t know each other in person, but we both work in IT. It’s really impressive to see your achievements. I’d like to connect.”

3. Your Profile Is a Part of Your Career Development Plan

Did you know that more than 500 million people use LinkedIn around the globe? It’s a great way to find and connect with new people who could be useful and help to achieve your career development goals. Once you have your perfect profile created, it’s time to start networking and finding job leads.

Start with taking part in career-specific LinkedIn groups and share your skills and interests with other people. Connect with employees from the companies you would like to work for. You can even use the learning module of LinkedIn to develop new abilities and skills that you will later apply in work.

4. Make Your Profile Alive

In order to stand out and get noticed by other people and potential employers, you need to make regular updates and include fresh information and relevant examples of your work. Update your profile with recent projects, papers or articles you’ve written, or presentations you’ve done so far.

Choose something that makes your profile unique; add some visuals and images or video content.  The idea behind this is to encourage people from your connections to engage with you in real life. Career coaches believe that only compelling and interesting profiles make other people want to click that link to your website, phone you, or download the white paper.

5. Nail the LinkedIn Job Search

According to the information provided by Decembrele, there are over 11 million job postings on LinkedIn these days. It makes this platform an excellent place for your next job searching process. You can easily scroll through the jobs and find the gigs you are interested in.

Another hack is to add some keywords to your summary or skills section if you want to attract recruiters’ attention to your profile. You can find the relevant keywords in the job listings of the companies you would like to work for. Remember that employers also use LinkedIn and search for the right candidates by filling in the same keywords.

All in all, follow these tips to use LinkedIn to your maximum and develop your career.

Carol Combs

Carol Combs is a freelance writer and blogger for health, education, entertainment, home, and family niches. Carol lives in Los Angeles, CA and is the proud mother of one beautiful girl and wife to a wonderful husband.