It’s hard to actively promote yourself but it’s a necessary tool for career growth. These tips help make the process easier.

The idea of “selling yourself” essentially means to convince others of your value. It’s usually a concept referred to when trying to get something – like a new job or a promotion. A lot people have a hard time selling themselves because they feel like it’s arrogant. People are often taught that self-promotion is vain or bigheaded. Truth be told, it’s a necessary part of business. It’s your responsibility to make others sit up and notice your work. You are your own biggest supporter. There is nothing wrong with acknowledging your talents. In fact, it’s a very wise and necessary career move.

So, how do you do it? How do you sell yourself effectively?

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1. Believe in Yourself

You can’t effectively sell yourself if you don’t value who you are. You must have confidence in your abilities. Maintaining a high level of integrity and a high quality of work will help keep you self-assured. You need to feel proud of your actions so don’t do things that will undermine your efforts. Focus on building your confidence and being the person you want to be.

2. Share Your Knowledge

Knowledge is a valuable resource and it can make anyone look more attractive. Sell your skills by sharing your knowledge. Be willing to teach others what you know. This will not only help them, it will demonstrate your abilities at the same time. A win/win!

3. Share Your Experiences

Tell your story. People are drawn to those who are willing to open up and share their experiences. It will help you build strong connections with others. Remember that you are unique and there is value to be shared.

4. Be Authentic

Trust is a critical part of selling yourself. No one values dishonesty. Be genuine in your interactions with others and work to develop honest communication. The truth will earn respect and trust.

5. Present Yourself Professionally

Everything you do and say creates an image. You always want to present yourself with professionalism. This includes everything from your appearance to how you speak and how you shake hands. It’s always best to play it safe and follow formal business etiquette. Though things have relaxed quite a bit in most professional environments, formality is never viewed as unprofessional. When attempting to sell yourself, it can be a big added bonus.

6. Be Positive

Show positivity in your interactions with others. Smile, show interest and be enthusiastic. Don’t complain, engage in gossip or negative conversation. Keeping yourself upbeat will draw people to you.

Selling yourself is all about showing others who you are. The trick is to present yourself in the best possible light.

Carol James

Carol James

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