We all go through tough times. We see a gradual rise and a tragic fall now and then. Often, we even lose our self-confidence and the confidence we had in completing a task. We feel as if we are going nowhere in our lives. In short, we feel trapped and cornered down.

In such moments, our brain makes us think all our ideas are flawed. It makes us believe that what we are trying to do is not going to work out.

We’ve all been there and can relate, can’t we?

That’s why we follow certain people and find those who have become incredibly successful in their lives. We learn about them and see what they did differently to get there. We try to follow in their footsteps, to become just as they are to achieve what they already did.

It’s here where inspirational biographies rub their magic on us.

Not everyone has the art to express the life-stories of successful entrepreneurs. To express the will they had to follow on with their passions and dreams. The force that routinely drove them through the hours of reading and research, continuous experimentation, and constant failures.

You know what I am talking about now, don’t you? I am talking about well-written autobiographies.

Here are great autobiographies written by exceptional writers on some classic entrepreneurs of the era.

1. Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of NIKE

Written by the CEO of Nike himself, this book discusses the complete inside story of the early days of the organization and how it climbed the ladder of success.

Phil Knight expresses how the evolution of NIKE resulted in becoming an iconic, game-changing and profitable shoe brand in the global landscape. He also illustrates how it transformed into a thriving industry.

In his autobiography, Knight discusses in detail what risks and failures he had to face while building up the NIKE brand. He shares some of his exceptional triumphs and how he had to battle through layers and layers of competition to make itself an evolutionary brand.  He also discloses about his relationship with initial partners, employees, misfits, communities, etc.

Shoe Dog is a book that shows a true believer. A believer who built the brand from grounds up.

2. Made in Japan: Akio Morita and Sony

It may come to you as a surprise, but Steve Jobs was once inspired by Akio Morita and claimed that he wished to create Apple into a brand just like Sony. If you can spot one similarity, then you will be amazed to find that both companies are leaders in “personal technology.”

This book is the entire legacy of the Sony legend. The complete account of Sony’s backstory, delivered by the co-founder himself, Akio Morita.

Morita explains the staunch Japanese commitment to business values. And in the light of the Japanese way of doing business, he reveals his vision of producing high-quality products in the multinational world. He discusses how under his leadership, Sony became one of the first Japanese firms to break all foreign barriers and overcame the international competition.

This book is written in such a conversational tone, that while you read it, you literally feel like as if you’re talking to Akio Morita.

3. Trump: The Art of the Deal

Currently, Trump might be one of the most less favored President of the United States of America; yet, there is no denying the fact that he is an influential entrepreneur with a distinct personality and mind.

The book is written by Donald Trump and co-author, Tony Schwartz. It gives a complete account of how Trump runs his business and how he interacts with people throughout his daily lives.

In his book, Trump: The Art of the Deal, he gives a mandate of eleven guidelines that can lead other entrepreneurs to success. He has mastered the subtle art of deal-making and deal-breaking. And in this account, covered by him, he shares the secret recipe to money making with all of his readers.

If you want to read something to become streetwise and business smart, this autobiography has the perfect 11-point guidelines to fit in place.

4. Titan: The Life of John D. Rockefeller, Sr.

History marks him as the world’s first billionaire. John D.Rockefeller, Sr. is one of the most famous patriarchs of America who left three generations worth of historians completely baffled.

Titan is more of a brainchild of inspiration. This book brings a great amount of information regarding John D.Rockefeller Sr.’s family members. He has further discussed how he ventured forward to establish a Standard Oil business and the sort of difficulties he had to face in the process.

It is a great book for historical references. In fact, it covers a wide range of topics with detailed discussions on sociology, religion, art, psychology, corporate management, and family relationships. It has just about all the information which has changed America since the 1800s to World War years.

5. Richard Branson: Losing My Virginity

If there is one attitude that the man holds on his sleeves, it’s the “oh screw it, let’s do it” attitude which has led Richard Branson to invest in plenty of professional ventures.

From the music industry, a cola factory, and airline business, to retail stores and financial services, Richard Branson has made significant investments in a multitude of businesses (even bridal wear!).

This book is a detailed biography of the man behind investments, Richard Branson himself. He is referred to as one of the great geniuses of our time.

He started his first business with a group of his friends. Since he was new to the market just like a virgin, he chose the name Virgin for his businesses. Who knew that later on, the brand would become a powerful global presence with more than 60 companies.

Entrepreneurs are present in every walk of our lives. They are the people who inspire our younger generations and are always giving back to the world. They embrace the challenges and set new goals in order to onboard more difficult challenges. Indeed, they can become some great sources of inspiration for us.

Do you have any other books on interesting personalities whose biographies are worth sharing; do let us know by dropping in a comment in the provided section below.

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