When it comes to productivity, the word “hack” has lost all meaning.  Here are some real “mind hacks” for your accelerated learning. If you have trouble finding motivation or you are frozen by the number of tasks in front of you; here is how you can move forward:

Self-Motivation Is Integral to  Accelerated Learning

When trying to get information to stick in your brain, being motivated to do so is very important. For instance,  you might want to learn about accounting software. However, it can kill your brain, soul, and motivation to stare at a screen, while hunting for the best accounting software tools.

You can jazz it up a little better than Parks ‘n’ Rec’s recurring boring character, Barney Varmn. Though, by applying your goals to your real life, staying positive, and spitting out mots positifs (as the French would say), and creating your own peer support system.

Apply your Accelerated learning

Applying your learning to real life is a great way to keep yourself focused on accelerated learning. Even for the most boring of subjects! Memorizing fact after fact from the screen of a laptop may not help you remember things in the long term. As Ariel Anbar, a professor at ASU claims, “with facts starting to be a commodity, the true value becomes knowing how to wield them.”

What this means is that through applying your learning, not only can you gain knowledge, but you can know how to use it. This is vital when looking for something other than a grade.

How do you make your accelerated learning functional if it doesn’t come pre-created for you? There are a few basics of applying your learning that will help you create an environment of success when one doesn’t exist: a rewards system, application of knowledge, and a competitive environment.

This could mean creating a tiny task for you to apply your knowledge to, rewarding yourself for completing that task and creating a way to track your goals can create an environment of accelerated learning that you can succeed in.

If a person wants to stay motivated, he/she might need to make it a fun!

Stay positive

Staying positive has a huge impact on your life. It can help improve your willpower and keep you going.“Staying positive”, is such a fluffy term that it can be hard to really pin down to actionable tips.  Staying positive might be very individual, but it can be boiled down to taking care of yourself.

You can create your own hierarchy of needs;

  1. Are you meeting your baseline requirements for being a human?
  2. Eating well, drinking water, going out for walks, and sleeping?
  3. Are you enriching your life?
  4. Taking time for yourself with meditation, a long walk, or just enjoying a piece of cake every day?

Once again, “staying positive”, may sound really fluffy. However, meeting your baseline needs as a human and doing something you like can dramatically shift your mindset. As a result,  this will help you stay motivated to succeed.

Create a Community

Having a community that you can reach out to, talk to, and use as motivation is a vital part of long-term success. Whether you are training for a marathon or just trying to be more kind, having someone as your hype man or competition keeps you accountable to a community.

Motivation applies to be in various ways. Some people like positive encouragement to stay motivated, but others need that grind and competition to survive and stay motivated.

Finding a community that works for your form of external motivation means finding a group of people who keep you going. Whether that’s a great friendly rivalry or a best friend who asks you about your progress regularly and can spit positive words at you.

What Stops You from Being Successful?

Accelerated learning

You might be someone, who has a great community around them and have been able to make accelerated learning fun for you. Yet, you are finding yourself frozen in fear, there is something that you can do about it. 

It could be possible that there is a mental health issue that needs to be addressed. If this is not the case,  you may need to reconsider your coping techniques when managing your productivity.

Anxiety in the workplace might seem quite simple of an issue. However, it can have lasting consequences on your ability to get stuff done. There are a ton of resources to reach out to, whether it’s counseling, medication, or learning management techniques.

If you are finding yourself frozen, taking action to find the cause can be a huge step to your ultimate success.

 If you still find yourself unable to act, despite the fact that you have no mental health issues, it’s still important to explore the reason why:

  1. Is this something you really want to pursue? Why?
  2. Are you excited to complete these tasks?
  3. Do you have a purpose?
  4. Are you okay?


You might be having issues motivating yourself to succeed. In this case, try to stay positive, find yourself a community, or consider applying whatever you are doing to your actual life. If someone is experiencing being frozen and being unable to act, it’s important to consider the reasons behind. Do you have a health condition that needs to be addressed? Do you have a reason to do what you are doing? Asking “why am I doing this?” can help you move forward with confidence and drive.

What are your best learning hacks? Share them with us in the comments below!