Mental strength contains thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. Becoming mentally healthy involves managing your feelings, regulating your very thoughts, and behaving productively. So how do you do this if you are going through difficult times?

Mental toughness is the ability of a person to resist, manage, and conquer any circumstance hindering success. Mentally strong people can maintain focus on the big picture and don’t let temporary hardships defeat them.

Here are 10 habits of mentally strong people for you to practice

1. They Neutralize Toxic People

For most, coping with difficult people is exhausting and frustrating.

Mentally tough people keep their feeling in check to manage their interactions with toxic people. They often approach the situation rationally when they need to encounter a toxic person. They recognize their emotions and don’t let frustration or anger to fuel the chaos. Along with that, they consider the standpoint of a difficult person and can find solutions to issues.

Mentally strong people can take the toxic person with a pinch of salt to avoid leaving her or him to bring them down when things completely derail.

2. They Say No

According to research at the University of California in San Francisco, the more difficulty that you have to say no, the more prone you are to undergo burnout, stress, and even depression.

Thankfully, mentally strong people have the foresight and self-esteem to make their “no’s” clear. They often stay away from sentences such as “I’m not certain” or “I don’t think I can.” Besides, they say no to themselves to exert self-control. They postpone gratification and stay away from impulsive action causing harm.

3. They Are Emotionally Intelligent

The cornerstone of mental toughness is emotional intelligence. You can be mentally tough without the capacity to understand and accept negative, strong emotions fully.Emotional intelligence

Moments testing your mental strength are finally testing your EQ (emotional intelligence). Your emotional intelligence is a soft skill that you improve with effort and understanding.

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4. They Exercise

People who exercised two times per week for ten weeks felt more intellectually, socially, and athletically competent, according to a study at the Eastern Ontario Research Institute. Additionally, they rated their self-esteem and body image higher.

5. They Get Enough Sleep

It’s not easy to exaggerate the importance of sleep in raising your mental toughness. Your brain eliminates toxic proteins when you sleep.Top View of Beautiful Young Woman Sleeping Cozily on a Bed in His Bedroom at Night. Blue Nightly Colors with Cold Weak Lamppost Light Shining Through the Window.

Poisonous proteins are by-products of neural activity when you are awake. Unluckily, your mind can fade them adequately only while you are asleep. Thus, the toxic proteins stay in your brain cells when you do not get enough sleep.

Mentally strong people know that their memory, self-control, and focus are all decreased when they don’t get enough sleep, and hence they make quality sleep a leading priority.

6. They Limit Their Intake Of Caffeine

Overconsumption of caffeine can trigger the release of adrenaline. Your emotions defeat your behavior when caffeine puts your body and brain into the hyper-aroused state of stress.

Mentally strong people know that drinking too much caffeine is trouble, so they always limit their caffeine intake.

7. They Control Their Emotions

Mentally tough people can manage their emotions whether it is fear, sadness, jealousy, guilt or anger.

Emotions play a massive part in how you experience everyday life. Thus, it is an incredible power to understand how to curb them, whether it is through regular contemplative introspection, such as with meditation, a journal, or another daily activity.

8. They Stay Away From Feeling Sorry For Themselves

Let-downs and disappointments are part of life. You are distraught when they occur and want to feel comforted. You often turn to self-pity when there’re no others to do that for you. This doesn’t bring any solution.

Mentally strong people understand this fully, so they do not feel sorry for themselves. They will take responsibility, and they push forward with the knowledge that life is not fair.

9. They Practice Realistic Optimism

pessimist and optimist discussIt is impossible to have a positive outlook all the time. Too much negativity is counterproductive.

People who are strong understand that their thoughts are not always correct and they try reframing their negativity. They cancel out exaggeratedly negative beliefs and replace them with a more realistic inner monologue.

10. They Use Their Time Wisely

Mentally strong people often express time as a finite resource. That is why they try using their time in a meaningful way. They pay attention to more productive activities rather than waste energy resenting other individuals for taking up their time or dwelling on the past.

If you’re determined to obtain something in life, it is best to follow these useful habits of mentally strong people.

Emily Pham

This guest post is by Emily Pham, a blogger with many years of experience in searching the best natural home remedies for beauty and health issues.