Following the first part of their Energy Series is a cool lil’ video on the power of flow and awareness when it comes to unblocking unhealthy wealth mindsets and expand on wealth creation.

In case you missed their first video, Kristin and David Morelli are a husband and wife duo whose voices you might recognize from their radio show, Everything Is Energy, which has over 500,000 listeners! Enjoy the vid.


They’ll be back next week with another video but until then ask yourself seriously, “What is it that would make you financially free?”

Remember, financially free is totally different from just money. There are millionaires who still feel insecure and broke. So drop a comment and give your 2 cents. What would make you financially free? What emotions would you fear? What insecurities would disappear?

I know these are big questions but for wealth creation to happen, you’ll need to think about them.

Can’t wait to read them!

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