So, how’s the bank account? Do you have what you need in order to Be, Do and Have what you want out of life? Or are you one of the many still ‘trying’ to accelerate your wealth consciousness but getting, well, nowhere fast? Since the wildfire spread of the movie “The Secret” plenty of people sure do know about the Law of Attraction, but  it seems like only a few are actually able to make it work for themselves – especially in the realm of wealth.

Here at FinerMinds we give you lots of tips on how to harness ‘The Law’ to improve your life, but in today’s post, we want to look a little bit deeper at wealth consciousness. Because when you really understand the energy of this state of mind, you’ll be able to ‘step into’ this mindset in a whole new way. So here’s three things to keep in mind as you begin to improve your energy around wealth and abundance.

1. It’s only Energy

Money is just an energy folks. It’s a form of exchange. When you begin to either worship or fear money – or put any other emotional ‘charge’ on it like disdain, for example – then you’re giving it way too much power. But when you remember that money and wealth are energies that are manifested in your life in direct proportion to your vibrational frequency about it, then you can start to make changes where they need to be made – in your vibes about money, rather than solely your job or income sources.

2. Belief

Whatever you deeply believe is exactly what’s going to show up for you in your life. So if you believe any of the following, you’ve definitely got some work to do in order to heal and improve your wealth consciousness.

  • “Money is the root of all evil”
  • Wealth people get their money off the suffering of others
  • To be a good person I can’t be super-wealthy
  • I don’t have the right career to build wealth
  • I’m okay just getting by
  • I couldn’t handle the changes that wealth would create in my life

3. Childhood Imprints

Let’s face it – few of us were raised listening to our parents discuss million-dollar-deals or successful investment strategies over dinner. If you’re not from a wealthy family, you probably didn’t get a wealth consciousness imprint from the get-go. But this doesn’t mean you can’t build one. The thing to keep in mind (as any good psychologist will tell you) is that you’re not destined to carry around the limited ideas or negative patterning of childhood. If you want to build a solid foundation of wealth consciousness and you weren’t “born into money” then you’ll have to do it the old fashioned way – learn! With all the books, websites and strategists out there, there’s more than enough resources available to you once’s you’re ready to build wealth and a healthy wealth consciousness.

Do you see a connection between your beliefs, your childhood imprints and your level of wealth? What is it? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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