So last year I had the experience of a life time. I got to spend 5 days on Sir Richard Branson’s private island, Necker Island, in the British Virgin Islands. It wasn’t just me hanging out on a gorgeous paradise island. I was also there with 18 other entrepreneurs because we had all done fund raising for Branson’s Virgin Unite Charity. The cool thing was that Branson was there with us for 3 and a half days from morning to night, everything from having breakfast with us to taking part in brainstorms, to partying till midnight. It was truly an amazing experience.

But one of the coolest things that happened there is that we got to ask Branson a couple important questions about his views from everything to business to success to productivity to his vision for the world. And one of the things I asked him where his answer really struck me was how is it he was able to run 300 something different companies and lead a life style where he is able to live on a paradise island, hang out with entrepreneurs like us, party till the wee hours and engage in all these crazy adventures.

Branson’s reply impressed me.

It was also a bit of a surprise. He didn’t talk about productivity tools or having the right virtual assistance or the usual things you would expect. Instead he talked about the simple technique of making lists. So check out the video below. The sound is a bit faulty but you can hear me asking the question (I’m the guy in blue) and you can see Branson’s response and below the video I want to share my input of what Branson said.

So what Branson talked about in the first part of the video was his habit of list making and if you look inside the front cover of Bransons’s book, Business Stripped Bare, you’ll actually see one of his lists. It’s a pretty cool list. It shows you how big this man thinks. But this is what this guy does on a daily basis. Now here’s what I find most insightful about this list. Richard Branson is Branson because he starts off each day with a specific intention of what he wants to accomplish and that intention keeps him perpetually moving forward.

The key thing I took away from this is that you’ve gotta have goals and intentions for every aspect of your life. Richard Branson’s list making is really a goal setting system. One that he does on a daily basis to help him keep moving forward.

So here’s an idea you might want to try.

Do you have a list of key items you want to accomplish for today? Or how about for tomorrow? Or next week? Or next month?

If not, why don’t you get started. I’ve always been a big fan of list making but since hearing Branson’s response I’ve become fanatic about list making. It’s transformed how I do business, how I accomplish my goals, and how I plan for my future.

So try it out, make a list, and drop a comment with your thoughts.

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