Update: Helene Hadsell’s Book and DVD have now Launched. Please visit TheWinningSage.com

We had over 9,500 people sign up for a recent interview with Helene Hadsell. Starting from the moment that the first few people got a chance to listen to Helene’s interview, her phone has been ringing off the hook and her inbox has been flooded with emails. I spoke to her this morning and she told me that she still had 350 emails to reply to.

Pic Above: Vishen, Melissa and Mike with Helene Hadsell

I don’t know where Helene, who is 84 years old (a correction, in our last post we mentioned she was 83), gets all of that energy from!

I first heard about Helene Hadsell through my friend Kate Roberts. She told me about an out-of-print book Helene had wrote decades ago, and showed me a blog post on her by Joe Vitale. I was intrigued, so I Googled her name to find out everything I could about her life. Somehow I stumbled upon her email address and wrote to her to ask if I could interview her for FinerMinds.

She replied within 24 hours.

That first interview blew me away. Helene’s stories mesmerized me. What was supposed to be a one hour interview turned into two solid hours. I decided I had to meet this lady.

Pic Above: Helene at Home

Coincidentally, it turned out Helene lived in Alvarado, Texas. And I was actually going to be in Whitney, Texas in 4 weeks for a charity fundraiser. Whitney and Alvarado are only 35 minutes apart.

And so on a beautiful summer day in September, Mike, our friend Melissa, and I drove to visit Helene. We planned on spending 6 hours with her before flying out to LA.

Helene was not happy to hear this. She was under the impression that we were going to stay the night. She had prepared her guesthouse for us and cooked a nice meal. “It’s nice to have company,” she said.

And then another coincidence struck. Our plans to LA got changed.

Turned out we were spending the night!

We spent all day filming Helene. We shot over 8 hours of footage and our encounter with Helene left us completely transformed. Helene’s wisdom and knowledge are so profound and yet so simple and easy to apply to your own life, I was completely stunned.

In between the filming, Mike, Melissa and I each had private sessions with Helene where she told us things about our lives and who we are that only a close friend could have known.

Pic Above: Melissa interviews Helene for the film

She told me things about my son, my career, my way of doing business that were spot on. It was slightly eerie, yet amazing.

We left at 5am the next morning to catch our flights. Helene shakes up your view of “reality”. She’s an amazingly joyful, loving person. And after you’ve met her – you never feel the same again. During the trip, Helene shared some of her goals with me. She no longer needs to win contests. Now she’s working on a play she wants to get on the Hallmark channel, a new bestselling book she wants to get into Borders, and she’s aiming to get on the David Letterman show.

I decided to help her with her book.

The footage we took is going to be turned into a documentary.  And we’ll be bundling this with her book and some CDs to create a product based on Helene’s teachings. She can no longer do seminars. It’s too tiring for her. But being able to spread her light via DVD, book and CD is the next best thing.

Pic Above: Mike interviewing Helene

Pic Above: Melissa and Helene

Dec 22 Update: Helene Hadsell’s Book and DVD have now Launched. Please visit TheWinningSage.com.

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