Creating wealthHave you had difficulty attracting money in your life? Do you find yourself always struggling to make ends meet financially? Is there a holiday, a car, a retreat or some other need you don’t have enough money for?

Well, there is an abundance of money floating around the planet, and you’re actually participating in the exchange.

Wealth creation is a manifestation of creativity. To accumulate wealth, be it $10 or $10 million, we need to be creative and produce something that others are willing to exchange for money.

This is what money flow is.

For example 10-year old son, Taj Cronin, loves to play the drums. One day, he decided that he wanted an electric drum kit. As you would expect, electric drum kits aren’t cheap.

“So how are we going to get this drum kit?” I asked him. We discussed it and we both agreed that we were going to need some form of action. The idea that really struck a chord with him was busking. He has a djembe, which is like a bongo drum. So, equipped with his djembe, a chair and a hat to collect coins – we headed to Bondi Beach and began to entertain the pedestrians, to see if they were willing to give him some of their loose change.

After 45-minutes he had exchanged his rhythms on the drum for $68! He was off to a good start. To cut the story short, after a few weeks he raised enough money to buy his electric drum kit.

How Do You Create Wealth Without Joining The Rat Race?

Each day there are trillions upon trillions of dollars exchanging hands, swirling across the planet. It just ebbs and flows.

You can join in with this ebb and flow and be part of that exchange. You have at your disposal the key to abundance, and that is creativity. Tap into your inner creative potential. If you find you are blocked and nothing creative bubbles up, then consider a meditation practice that will help you go deeper beyond the thoughts to that ocean of creative potential within you.

Tips On How To Create Wealth From Action

 1. Leverage Facebook. There are over 900 million people on Facebook. If you produce an eBook or some form of digital content and price it at $15 and sell it to 10,000 users, then discounting marketing costs you have just made about $140,000! That’s leverage!

2. Sell food. Find some recipes on the Internet like green smoothies or homemade dairy free ice cream, buy the ingredients and cook them at home. Go around to local shops or food markets and sell them. It might cost you 50 cents to make, but if you sell it for $2 to the shop owner and do 500 items over two-three weekends – you would’ve made $750 for your time.

3. Make greeting cards. Buy some recycled paper and come up with creative images and trinkets that you can glue on to the front. I did this once using incense and Chinese calligraphy stamps to make greeting cards. I sold over 1000 cards in shops all over Sydney in three months and made $1500.

4. Street Performance. Busking can be a very lucrative way to supplement your income. It is possible to make $60-$70 an hour in certain places if your positioning is good and your performance is interesting. Entertain the public and they will make an exchange with you.

5. Sell freshly grown vegetables. You can buy packets of vegetable seed from local stores for a few dollars. Buy little planting trays and grow sturdy vegetables like silver beet and kale. In no time at all you can harvest substantial amounts of leafy green vegetables to sell at markets or to local stores. Even better, make yummy green smoothies and sell them!

6. is an importer’s dream! Source yoga mats in bulk and sell them to your local yoga schools or online. You can import eco-friendly mats for $6 and sell them for $20. One order of 1000 mats could net you about $13,000 after costs.

7. Rent your spare room out. A friend of mine recently did this through Airbnb and now she makes $95 a day from her spare room at home. She’s now booked out for the next six months and will be making $17000 in that time from simply putting an ad up on a web site!

So there you go – seven simple ways to add a little extra revenue to help you pay some of those bills or attend that retreat you really were hoping to attend. The possibilities are endless. Be creative, have fun, and move into action!

Do you know how to creatively cultivate a little extra cash? Perhaps you’re the master of garage or car-boot sales, or your jam making skills have got people lining up at work to take orders? Tell us below as we’d love to hear how you generate extra income. 

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