Te-Erika is a mighty courageous woman. She so believes in her vision to help women change limiting beliefs that she’s done something most of us wouldn’t even dream of! What did she do? It may sound crazy, but she gave up everything and became homeless. Why? To show women that they can lose everything and still rebuild their lives. Te-Erika recently wrote the FinerMinds team to tell us about her Rebuild Your Life Project. She started it because she wants to be a guiding force for women in ways she wished she’d had when she needed it.

Te-Erika is the publisher of a blog for women called MySavvySisters.Com. She posts inspirational articles, resources and news to empower women. Her Rebuild Your Life Project aims to teach women that they can overcome their fear of losing everything and no matter what happens, they can survive and thrive.

On April 11, 2011 Te-Erika gave away all her belongings. She’s currently living in a homeless shelter while making a series of inspirational videos that showcase mental strategies for success as well as resources that are available to those who become homeless. She’s posted almost 50 videos on her experience so far. Here’s the first …


Is homelessness a hidden, lurking fear deep in the recesses of your psyche? Is there a ‘big giant fear’ holding you back from taking a massive risk for your dreams? Do you think Te-Erika’s strategy of demystifying homelessness and offering mental strategies to rebuild could liberate women of their fear of totally going for their dreams? Share your thoughts on this vid and Te-Erika’s project with us in the comments below.

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