Discover the meaning behind being an Old Soul, the 5 challenges Old Souls and why they might become extinct.

What are Old Souls?

In the Old Energy Paradigm (the last 26,000 years or the Great Year), Souls who came to planet Earth went through a series of lifetimes. Each lifetime they learned and mastered new lessons, the essence of transformation. If a lesson wasn’t mastered in a lifetime, it was carried into the next one. This was called karma.

Negative karma refers to exploring a lesson through its negative expression (for example, learning about love through hate). Negative karma is NOT about atoning for past actions but about learning about those actions.

For example, if I killed people in a past life, I do not have to atone for that now…instead I need to learn about the consequences of taking a life and master that lesson. (Note: In the name of survival, we’ve all killed and been killed on this planet).

Souls go through 6 different ages (A great book to read more about this is The Michael Handbook by Jose Stevens). Old Soul is the last stage before a Soul leaves Earth and goes on to the next adventure.

Many Old Souls are wrapping it up on planet Earth at this time. The ultimate goal of all Souls is to return to the Divine Consciousness from which they separated to become a Soul.

The 5 Unique Challenges Of Old Souls

When Old Souls remember they are more than just a form walking around in a biological suit, it’s called “awakening.” This awakening includes an awareness of energy as the foundation of all form.

Old Souls are interested in the true essence and not just the appearance of things

They are also aware of different dimensions and sometimes work throughout several dimensions at once. This can make them disengaged from the 3rd dimension on planet Earth.

Old Souls are innately spiritual (but not religious)

After learning certain lessons, the Old Soul has a purpose that they need to share with the world. Soul Purpose can take many forms, but always carries an essential unique theme. It’s important for an Old Soul to deliver this purpose so they can complete their time on planet Earth.

Old Souls are interconnected

Old souls are highly individualistic, yet they have a good sense of the interconnectedness of all things or the “Namaste” of it all. (A Sanskrit term meaning, “The Divine in me, greets the Divine in you.”)

Old Souls rarely follow group mentality and do things differently than everyone else. They love to “fly their freak flag!”

On the flip side, the 5 unique challenges of Old Souls are as follows:

1. Right timing

Biological timing is very different from Soul timing. If they are out of sync, things can get uncomfortable (think mid-life crisis or a serious illness).

2. Right use of power

Old Souls are naturally powerful, but they have experienced so much abuse of power by others that they are reluctant to own their power.

3. Right relationships

Old Souls want to clear up negative karma with other people they have been with for many lifetimes. That can make them hook up with not-so-nice people in this lifetime. They might not want to start something new if they are getting ready to “wrap it up” on planet Earth and choose to stay single (and lonely) instead.

4. Right engagement

Staying engaged with 3rd dimensional Earth is challenging for an Old Soul. It’s a bit of “been here done that, again, and again and again.” (Remember the movie Groundhog Day?) Yet they’re here to engage with Earth and bring in their ultimate wisdom and Purpose.

5. Financial abundance

Money is a human construct which Old Souls just aren’t that interested in anymore. Old Souls like their freedom, though, and financial abundance provides plenty of freedom.

The 5 Unique Challenges Of Old Souls

Will Old Souls Become Extinct?

To answer this question is to understand the shift we’re going through from Old Energy to New Energy Paradigms. Old Energy Paradigm is what I call the last 26,000 years or Great Year that we just completed in 2012. That is the time when we did a lot of reincarnating and became Old Souls.

The 2012 shift brought in a new era and wiped karma like a hard drive on a computer. The need for Old Souls to come back is now minimal. For that reason, many are choosing to complete their journey on the planet in their current lifetime and go on to the next adventure beyond Earth.

But there’s another phenomena that’s happening, too. In the 1980s a new type of Soul began arriving on the planet. Called the Indigos or Crystallines, they have the same qualities of Old Souls yet many are arriving for the first time on the planet.

They have arrived at this time to be part of  the New Energy Paradigm. They are here for 2 or 3 lifetimes and are exploring their Purpose on the Earth from the moment they arrive.

Being an Old Soul, ultimately means being wise spiritually. The phenomena of Old Souls may become extinct, but spiritually wise, awakened Souls is gathering momentum. That is definitely something to celebrate.

For more about being an Old Soul, check out Gia’s website The New Science of Energy Healing.

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