We are in a time of extreme chaos. If you understand that chaos is a natural part of transformation, you can step beyond fear and survival and thrive with new levels of creativity and optimism.

From politics, to Earth changes, to health risks, to weather — these are times of great uncertainty and chaos.

On a biological level we don’t like chaos because we can’t determine how to respond to our external environment. Our bodies are programmed for three responses when confronted with the scary unknown: fight; flight or freeze.

If you understand the true nature of Chaos, however, you can override these biological responses and create an atmosphere of optimism for those around you. You can also discover new levels of your own creativity.

Chaos and transformation

What exactly is transformation? It’s any time there is development toward a higher expression of life, including consciousness. It can happen to a system, a group, an individual and even the planet (or currently all at once).

It’s been called change, metamorphosis, evolution, personal or spiritual growth, ascension, and enlightenment. It’s how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly and how you reach your higher levels of potential.

Transformation has three phases. The first phase is the quickening or the impulse that starts a transformation cycle. The second phase is chaos when all known structures release their energetic bonds. The final phase is one of mastery or completion when structures reform into higher levels of order and organization.

For a caterpillar, the three phases of transformation look like this:

  • Phase One: Something inside says it’s time to build a cocoon (the Quickening).
  • Phase Two: Inside the cocoon, the caterpillar loses it’s form and becomes “mush” (Chaos).
  • Phase Three: The butterfly emerges (Mastery or completion).

For a simple act of human transformation, it could look like this:

  • Phase One: Something insides says it’s time to reorganize your closet (the Quickening).
  • Phase Two: You take everything out of the closet and it looks worse than when you started (Chaos).
  • Phase Three: You discard what you aren’t using any more. You get new closet organizers. You put everything back in creating space for new clothes and the ability to access what you have. You and your closet are transformed. (Mastery/completion).

Currently the planet is going through transformation and that includes all life forms, as well. (Where the planet goes, go we). The “end of the world” predictions by the Mayans, Hopis and other ancient tribes, were speaking to this time, only not of apocalypse but of transformation.

If the time leading up to 2012 was the quickening or phase one of transformation, the time we are in now is the second phase of transformation. That makes  our current state of chaos part of the natural flow of a bigger picture. (Note: We won’t move into the third phase of transformation or mastery until after 2021.)

Here’s the secret about chaos: It’s a time of unleashed and heightened creativity.

Chaos: What You Need To Know To Thrive

Chaos and heightened creativity

A decade ago a friend of mine survived her house burning down. In the aftermath of losing all her possessions she said it was one of the most creative periods of her life. She came up with five book ideas, two webinar programs, and a whole new lifestyle for herself. She traveled the world and worked from exotic beaches instead of staying at home.

When the normal order and organization of forms dissolves, it releases energy that can be used to create new forms. Creativity by its very nature doesn’t want to be confined. It needs the dissolution of current forms of structure to be able to create new forms. In the example of the caterpillar, it doesn’t sprout a pair of wings off its caterpillar back but turns into an entirely new form.

In this time of global chaos, when all our known forms of structures are dissolving, creative advances in almost every area of our life is occurring from science, to technology, medicine, education and more.

How can you be part of the transformation? Explore your own individual creativity through art, writing, music, and above all learning new skills and ways of thinking. Expressing creativity orders and organizes the chaotic energies around you.

To do this successfully, you must develop a stance of listening within to your own creative voice. Stop letting the chaotic world “out there” inform you with its messages of fear and explore new levels of potential within yourself. Then express it in some form that brings delight, play and fun into your life.

What unique form of creativity is yours and yours alone to discover and express into the world?

Chaos: What You Need To Know To Thrive

Chaos, transformation and optimism

When you know that chaos is always followed by the third phase of mastery, you can begin to relax and surf the wave of transformation. Stop battling (fight), pulling the covers over your head (flee), or freezing in the face of chaos.

The caterpillar doesn’t fall into fear as it makes its cocoon and dissolves into mush. If it did, caterpillars all over the world would freeze into inactivity and stop transforming into butterflies. Instead, it dreams of flying. This optimism about the outcome lifts its energy into the third phase of transformation.

To achieve optimism is to become comfortable with uncertainty. You must also deepen in your faith about the natural phenomena of transformation. Even when you can’t perceive the outcome yet, you know it will be miraculous.

The caterpillar doesn’t start its metamorphosis knowing it will become a butterfly. It starts the process knowing that mastery always happens after chaos.

Fear won’t align you to that process, but optimism will.

Choose to be optimistic about global transformation and watch the miracle of unfolding into something greater.

What to do during global chaos, then?

Stay focused in the present moment. Explore new levels of your own creativity. And dream about when we will all be flying.

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