Access to the naturally occurring state of Meditation is our birthright. It requires no special techniques–just the flow of the meditative process that’s already present.

It’s time to explore beyond Traditional Meditation techniques that abound today and rediscover how to enter the Meditative state directly and naturally. All that’s needed is a simple shift of awareness to take us from the endless flow of thoughts to the profound stillness of the thinker.

Just as there are no barriers to thinking on the active levels of the mind, it`s just as easy for us to access a calm state of mind that’s free from thought. Once we know how to step aside and allow this automatic process to take us within, we discover a powerful state that can take our lives from the mundane to the extraordinary.

Naturally occurring meditative states can be discovered during times of peak experiences; Those special moments when one feels calm and happy and that all is well in our world. During such peaks, we may feel a great sense of peace, relief, euphoria, or even a higher purpose to our existence.

Throughout history, during times of great stress (such as war or accidents), many men and women have reported suddenly finding a presence of mind that enabled them to remain profoundly calm while performing heroic acts in the face of great adversity.

Whether you are already meditating or have never meditated before, accessing this Meditative state of mind is easy, natural and something that we can all do within minutes without the use of techniques.

Traditional Meditation techniques like repeating mantras or watching the breath have become popular for calming the mind, but to reach the higher levels of the Meditation State they may be a hindrance for several reasons:

  1. Meditation Techniques that instruct us to always bring the mind back to a fixed object of meditation whenever we drift off will eventually limit our results. The ultimate goal of meditation is to free the mind so that it can rise effortlessly into the formlessness of higher consciousness. Establishing a subtle habit of holding on to any shape or form can hinder this delicate process of transcendence and therefore restrict the upward flow of energy into our higher centers.
  1. Focusing of our awareness on an object of meditation can distract us from the original purpose of meditation which is about bringing the awareness more intensely on to the inner self.

The ancient seers of meditation were resolute on this point because they discovered that when the mind settles to its most primary level of consciousness it is happy, creative and stress free. For this very reason bringing the awareness directly to the inner self is what we need to do right from the very outset.

During this 10-minute video Streamline Meditation Founder, Malcolm Fletcher, shares some of the most important insights that helped shape his own meditation odyssey and allowed him to rediscover meditation in its original form.


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