As Michael F. Kay explains in his charming introduction, there are hundreds of self-help books available, made famous by selling winning formulas on how exactly to be successful. While these books are helpful to many, often they only treat the symptoms of our problems while completely ignoring the source of our troubles. It is in this vein that The Feel Rich Project stands out from the crowd.

In reading this book, you will learn why you are not content with what you have right now. You may not gain specific ideas on how to make more money. Michael doesn’t claim to try and teach you tricks to getting rich quick. You will not be told to memorize magic mantras, or cast spells to draw more money to yourself. What you will learn, however, is once you face the brutal truth about yourself, and figure out what the origins of your discontent are, you can work at fixing them.

In his book, Michael F. Kay addresses the reader as an individual – as opposed to assuming that we are all in the same boat and should therefore follow the same financial rules. The Feel Rich Project can just as easily apply to a pauper as it can to a prince. Because The Feel Rich Project is not a “How To book”, you will have the freedom to decide which steps are best for you. That said, you will not be entirely alone as you embark on this wonderful journey towards financial contentment. Each chapter contains simple but effective exercises designed to not only help you organize and understand your finances, but to introduce you to your ideas and psyche in ways you have probably never encountered yourself before.

Unlike other books of its kind, The Feel Rich Project asks the most important question of them all: Why?

Why are you unhappy with your current situation? Why do you feel as though you are inadequate and need more money? Why do you indulge in the pressures of society? Why do you spend money the way you do? Why do you feel your life will only improve when your financial goals are met?

There is a lot of emphasis placed on your background and mindset – the true roots of whichever financial troubles you might be experiencing. There is a reason why we struggle, why we stagnate and why we find comfort in monetary and material abundance. Perhaps it’s a simple reason, maybe it runs deep. Either way, you will discover why you are the way you are and confront your subconscious mind. Once that’s out of the way, you can begin reprogramming your thoughts.

Michael F. Kay makes it clear that the purpose of his wonderful book is to portray to you, in true clarity, that happiness is a state of mind. While we all want nice things, and wish to be comfortable and carefree, we do not have to be the sons and daughters of oil tycoons to achieve true happiness.

Whether you have 5 dollars in your piggy bank at home or 500K dollars in an underground vault, you have the power to live in the best kind of abundance: spiritual abundance. The poorest of people can be truly happy; the richest might be the most miserable. So long as you do not lie to yourself, or deny truths that might affect your financial growth, you will learn to appreciate what you have and thereby feel as rich as Bill Gates or your favorite success role model.

Of course, it does not end there. While having a positive outlook on life and seeing the silver lining around dark clouds that may show up can work miracles on your mood, it would be a disappointment if the message of the The Feel Rich Project were to simply settle for what you have.

Rest easy, for it is not.

If you truly put in the effort to understand the situation you are in and how you came to be here, you will see exactly where the cracks are and so can take the necessary steps to filling them.

That is what makes this book such a pleasant read. Not only will you feel rich, there is great potential for you to have more money to spend on yourself by the end of it. Who would say no to that?

The Feel Rich Project is not only informative; one can safely say it is the most relatable self-help book available. It is fun, captivating and the perfect blend of entertaining and intellectual. Michael F. Kay has many a story to tell about people just like you, and what a wordsmith he is. His excellent command of English, innocent honesty, and refreshing humility will draw you in.

Having read it, you will be motivated to take the reins and make the changes you feel are needed to improve the quality of your life.

The Feel Rich Project is highly recommended to absolutely everyone who feels dissatisfied with the amount of money they have (or spend). It is helpful and positive to the extreme, and is certainly an enjoyable book that will not take up too much of your time.

It is worth a read, even if you are the happiest (or richest) person on Earth.

Be sure to check out Michael’s book, The Feel Rich Project, and let us know what you think below. What is your take on financial satisfaction?

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