Have you ever felt lost in inexplicable loneliness or felt as if something was missing from your life, but were unsure of how to deal with it?

Perhaps you had an event in your life that led you to seek more spiritual awareness; maybe you attended a retreat of some sort and came away longing for greater spiritual consciousness. Or maybe you took a course out of curiosity and realized that you needed to find your spiritual path.

My spiritual journey began at a bookstore. I wanted something different to read, and I had heard part of a talk by Dr. Wayne Dyer during a PBS fund-raising broadcast. I decided to pick up one of his books — The Power of Intention.

Page after page unfolded, and I couldn’t put the book down. All that I had been missing was suddenly falling into my lap, and it became clear why my career, my lifestyle, and my focus on good times and material wealth still left me empty.

I did not realize at the time that my newfound “intention” would result in what others call “spiritual loneliness.”

What is Spiritual Loneliness?

As you experience your “spiritual awakening,” you want to shout it to the whole world. And you do, at least to your “world.” You want others to know about it; you want to bring them on board.

What you often get, however, is kind rejection. Family and friends think it’s just a “phase;” or they begin to think you are a bit weird.

That’s when the loneliness begins.

It may be a relationship that wanes; it may be friends not calling to get together as often as before. Suddenly, you realize that you are all alone on this quest of yours and that others do not share your newfound desire and need to follow this higher path. It’s tough to take. And you will go through periods of conscious loneliness and deal with it.

The key, however, is to understand the difference between being lonely and being alone with yourself. When you do, you will get to peace.

Here are 10 Strategies to Deal With Loneliness

1. Get perspective

As you come to understand that this life is just a drop in the ocean of infinity and oneness with Universal Mind, you will also come to see that your finite relationships of this world are also just drops in the ocean.spiritual-loneliness-finerminds

You can still have those relationships, and you do not need to act like a missionary. Everyone is on his/her own path and in his/her own dream.

See family and friends, laugh and enjoy them, and know that they will find their awakening — it’s a required curriculum for everyone as Course in Miracles tells us.

2. Get a pet if you don’t have one

The souls of pets are amazing, though young. They love; they do not judge; they teach us how we too should be – simplistic in our materials needs, joyful in giving and receiving love, and so forth.

3. Operate from a vantage point of optimism, not fear

It’s easy to get into the mindset that no one will ever understand us, that we will never again find that closeness with others who share our same spiritual beliefs and quest. At this point, even, we might say to ourselves, “This isn’t worth it – I’m giving up.”

When these thoughts come to you and when you are in danger of falling off your path, stop. Remember again that drop in the ocean. That is all that this life is.

Know and claim that you will be surrounded by those who share your consciousness. And with steadfastness, you will begin to attract like-minded individuals.

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4. Spend more time in nature

Depok Chopra states that this is essential for spiritual growth. And when you do get out into this amazing, beautiful, and abundant natural richness, you will understand that Mind is providing all that we can possibly need for this lifetime.

Nature helps us to overcome and deal with loneliness.

5. Know and see light for others

You do not have to be a missionary for higher consciousness. But you can, during your daily meditations, know peace, light, and love for family and friends. Dong this “connects” you to them on a spiritual level, and they just might pick up those thought vibrations that you are sending their way.

6. Develop a morning routine that counters the loneliness

When you first wake up in the morning, you can ameliorate a mood of peace and wellbeing spiritual-loneliness-finermindswith some daily affirmations that become your mantras.

Visualizing meditations are also powerful and will get your day begun with a sense of purpose and knowing that only good will come your way.

It’s hard to feel lonely when you know that Mind is working through you and always for your good.

7. Let the world be

This is not to say that you don’t function rationally and productively in this temporary placement of your soul on earth. You do need to perform and operate within the world of matter and “race mind.”

As our spiritual self grows, you will see that you can relax, let things happen, and be stress-free. When you do this, you will be amazed at how things fall into place for you

8. Operate with love

You don’t have to walk arm-in-arm with everyone in your world. Although you may disagree and want to judge–don’t do it.

If you can remember that everyone is on his/her own path, you will be able to love them for who they are and where they are right now, at this moment. Their journey is not as yours is, but we are all a part of Universal Mind, and Universal Mind is love — perfect love. Your job is to reflect that love and give it to all.

9. Seek out likeminded others

There is a myriad of spiritual centers all over the place. Visit them, explore them, meet people, and continue to do so until you find the place that is “right” for you.

Settle in, make new friendships, develop relationships, enjoy the company, and be social.

10. Indulge yourself

The things of this world are here for you to enjoy. You can partake of the material world Happy couple having date and eating ice cream after shoppingwithout being “of” it. These “things” that bring temporal enjoyment are fun, so do not make yourself a “martyr” to your spiritual growth.

Ice cream is a good thing; a new outfit is a good thing; a job change may be a great thing. You have a right to enjoy the pleasures of this world — do so!

Those who seek a higher spiritual path are still in a minority. So, it’s easy to feel isolated and separated from others. When you use these strategies, however, and trust that the Universe will provide the support, you will not feel lonely for long.

Neal Donald Walsch


Kerry Creaswood Kerry Creaswood - writer and blogger from Savannah, GA, who is interested in self-development and spiritual growth. To find more about Kerry - check her Twitter or blog.