Cheating has become a part of life.

In fact, reality television shows have gone a long way towards making it not just acceptable — but desirable!

However, no matter what public opinion says, being cheated on is a heartbreaking experience. You will need to decide if the relationship is worth saving and how you can prevent it from happening again.

Of course, not everyone views cheating in the same way; a kiss to some is cheating, whilst to others it needs to be something more intimate.

However you view it, the following eight traits will make someone more likely to cheat:

1. Rock ‘n’ roll

Research has discovered that 41% of cheaters have a passion for rock ‘n’ roll music. This means that the advertising moguls are right, sex and rock ‘n’ roll really are inextricably linked.

Pop music is the preferred music for sixteen percent of cheaters with country music having 11% and 7% preferring classical music.

2. Women cheat too, not just men

The latest studies show that women cheat as much as men, however, women tend to cheat to fulfill an emotional need where men will usually do it from a purely physical stand point.

This can spell real trouble for a relationship as if a woman is looking for emotional involvement elsewhere there is little chance of saving the current relationship.

8 Things You Must Know About People who Cheat

3. Because they can

Surprisingly the majority of men and women who cheat do not do so because they are unhappy. Studies show that 56% of men and thirty 4% of women who cheat are actually happy with their current relationship.

These people cheat because the opportunity is there, because they can and because it makes them feel good about themselves.

4. Frisky

Your sex drive is like anything else physically — the more it is used, the more you want to use it.

Starting an affair with someone will send your sex drive into high gear; the result will be an increase in the amount of sex with your current partner as well as your additional one. This has been shown to apply equally to males and females.

The extra attention is nice, but it should warn you that something else may be happening; outside of your relationship.

5. Ovulating Women

Research has discovered that a woman is more likely to cheat when they are ovulating. It is a direct connection with nature and the preservation of our species (even though that is not something that is an issue at present).

When a woman ovulates they are in the best position to conceive and they will have a higher sex drive and feel more sexy than normal. The two factors will combine to make it far more likely that a woman will cheat at this time of her cycle.

6. Fixing a marriage

There are several studies which indicate a man may have an affair in an attempt to save their marriage.

The principle behind this is straightforward. By having someone else whom they desire for a physical affair, their focus and attention will be completely on their wife when they are with them, without the need to hound them for sex.

This will allow the man and his wife to have quality time together, improve the bond and welcome relationship advice with a fresh pair of eyes; thereby saving their marriage.

Of course, explaining this to their wives might be a little more complicated!

8 Things You Must Know About People who Cheat

7. Cheat with those you know

Surprisingly most cheaters do not stray far from home. It is estimated that 85% of cheaters will have an affair with either a work colleague or a friend or neighbor. It is these people who they will spend most time with and build a rapport which can lead to the opportunity to cheat.

8. Being caught

It has been estimated than approximately 50% of cheaters actually want to get caught.  They have probably put themselves into a situation they are not comfortable in and do not know how to extract themselves from.

Getting caught and being accused of infidelity will allow everything to resolve itself, no matter which way that happens.  To facilitate this they will often leave clues for their partners to find.

Cheating on a partner is something many can’t deal with. As soon as a spouse has cheated, the other files for divorce and leaves.

However, there are times when a cheating husband does this bad deed and then regrets it for the rest of his life; he’s even courageous enough to admit and ask for forgiveness. There are women who forgive their husbands for cheating; but then again, cheating is the result of your own actions. You do it because you can, not because you have to.

So the question is: why cheat when you can break up?

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