Do affirmations really work?

Can you really have everything you desire in life?

Good questions! The answer to both of those is a resounding yes!

Which leads to the question:
“If affirmations really work, why isn’t everyone using them?”

Another good question.

The reason everyone doesn’t use affirmations is because most people don’t know how to use them. We’ve never been given a full understanding of the power behind affirmations; how, when and why they work—until now!


You have to first understand that affirmations are not simply a bunch of pretty words taped on your bathroom mirror (although that’s not a bad place to start). In reality, affirmations are a powerful force for change in your life.
In fact, there is perhaps no simpler way to create the life you desire and deserve than by using The Science of Affirmations. But you have to understand them to know how to use them.

Before you can use the power of Affirmations, we have to lay a little groundwork.

1. It starts with self-love and awareness.

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve tried and given up.
It doesn’t matter how deeply ingrained you think your habits are or how long you’ve been “the way you are”.
It does not matter what your history is, what your story is or what you believe is true.

If you are unhappy or not satisfied with any aspect of your life, it is only because the person you live as every day is not who you really are.

Who you really are is a grand and unique creation—with talents and abilities yet untapped.
Who you really are is a beautiful being endowed with a wonderful mission and everything you need at your disposal to fulfill it.
Who you really are is a child of Divine Creation, with magnificent power vested in you and an entire universe ready to back your cause.

First, you have to release your old limiting beliefs and stories, and begin to forgive yourself. Recognize that you are worthy and deserving of your dreams and desires.
Second, you have to realize how truly powerful you are and begin to embrace it.

2. Now you are ready to leap into faith!

In order for your affirmations to be most effective, they need to be more than just words that you recite. Your affirmations have to be principles that you believe are true, about you and your life. Whether or not you are actually seeing or experiencing what you are affirming is not the point. You have to have faith that these things are already true for you and about you (more on that in a minute).

3. Now you are ready to start using affirmations.

If you’ve done the work on yourself that I spoke about above, you have cleared the way for more profound results when it comes to your affirmations. There is probably still more work to do – we are all works in progress, but you are ready to start.

You need to understand what affirmations truly are.

As I said earlier, they are not just sweet phrases to start off your day, or pick-me-ups when things are not going well.

Also be aware that affirmations don’t “do” anything. They don’t fly out into the universe and make changes happen. They are not magical.

More than anything else, affirmations are self-talk, (hence, they should always be positive). But if the rest of your self-talk is not supportive of your affirmations, your affirmations will not be as effective – if at all.

In addition to being words, affirmations are also feelings, beliefs, conversations, habits, actions . . . anything that makes up who you are, how you are, and what you do.

So just like your self-talk, the rest of your life needs to be in harmony with your affirmations.

Writing Effective Affirmations

Your affirmations must be written in the present tense. For example, “I am running a successful home-based business that is netting $5,000 per month”. Now, if that is not what is happening for you right now, then that affirmation may seem uncomfortable, maybe even like a lie. But writing in the present tense is critical because you are not writing about what is happening today. You are writing about what is to come. You are not writing or speaking about what is happening today because today is already here. Today came about as a result of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and words from your yesterdays.

Today, you are using your affirmations (a.k.a. your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and words) to create your tomorrows.

By writing in the present tense, you are also creating the vibratory feelings that you want to experience. As humans, we are all made up of energy and we, like everything else in our existence, vibrate. As an energetic intelligence, you can create your own vibration. By using affirmations and other tools, you create the vibrations that match up with the vibrations of what you want to experience.

Finally, you want your affirmations to be a part of who you are. Here are some things to practice as you move your affirmations “from your bathroom mirror” into your everyday life:

  • Writing them down (very important) and rewriting them – just often enough to keep them “fresh.
  • Making them a part of what you believe is already true about your life – as opposed to what you want or hope for.
  • Taking time to experience the feelings of your desires fulfilled. Feelings are a critical component in creation.
  • Recognizing that you are a creative being, you are always creating and your affirmations are a part of that process.
  • Take action when you feel pulled to do so. This is not about making something happen, but being a contributor to the process of creation.

Pay attention to your words, thoughts and feelings – they are what create your world. If you will be deliberate about them, practicing using better ones all the time, then you become what creates your world.  

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Jack Roberts is a public speaker, spiritual teacher, human potential coach, and the author of The Science of Affirmations. Jack has made it his life’s work to help people tap into their Ultimate Self and live the life they deserve.