A number of people find it difficult to live their life harmoniously. Sleeplessness is turning out to be a major issue, especially among the working population.

Alleviate the exhausted mind and sponsor peace and harmony in life with Yoga’s restorative asanas. With mindful breathing, intensive focus, and relaxation practice, Yoga encourages restfulness in life.

Have a look at some of the unwinding Yoga poses that are extremely influential in prevailing calmness and composure in the mind and body.

1. Balasana

One of the very popular and relaxing Yoga poses, Balasana is all about taking rest the way an infant enjoys. The asana is also known as Child’s Pose and is practiced in the sleeping position.

Kneel down on the Yoga mat and bend forward to place your chest on the thighs and the forehead on the mat in front of the knees. Experience the tranquility for about 5-6 minutes before coming to the normal position.

To enjoy peace in life, one should practice this pose every day in the morning.

2. Viparita Karani

Viparita Karani is called legs up the wall pose. The exercise is highly influential in promoting the circulation of blood in the body, in addition to letting the body and mind feel enormous tranquility.

Begin the pose by lying on the mat and lifting up the legs with the help of a wall. Make sure the legs and the upper body make a right angle at the pelvis joint. You can also practice this without the help of the wall if you can do so successfully.

The pose helps to stay connected with the ground and stabilize the mind perfectly.

3. Savasana

The sleeping posture of Savasana is among the most mind-pacifying Yoga exercises. When enjoying the blissfulness of this pose, the body needs to be in completely relaxed.

Lie down on the mat with all parts of the body in the posture of rest. Close your eyes and recall everything that has happened throughout the day. This is a great way to improve your ability to collect information and store it for a long time.

The asana brings composure, relaxation, and stability to the body and mind.

4. Supta Baddha Konasana

If you want to enjoy stretching and calmness at the same time, Supta Baddha Konasana is a great Yoga exercise. The reclining pose can be enjoyed while sleeping on your bed in the normal Savasana exercise.

Take your arms to the back of your head and spread them on the mat in a relieved state. Bend the knees to bring the soles together in front of the pelvis.

Holding the body in this posture not only betters mental composure but also stretches the thighs muscles, abdominal organs, etc.

5. Makarasana

Crocodile pose is another beautiful Yoga practice that can be enjoyed for immense mental peace and composure. The asana imitates a crocodile having its head outside the water.

While lying on the belly, lift your shoulders and support your face with the palms by placing the elbows in front of the shoulders.

After a tiring work hour, you can relax your mind and body in an astonishing way by the practice of Makarasana. It gives rest to the spine, shoulders, neck, and other parts of the body.

6. Sukhasana

The name Sukhasana means an exercise of refreshment. It is an amazing sitting pose, which stands for inner happiness and recreation.

Sit in a cross-legged position while keeping the spine straight. Place your wrists on the knees and close the eyes to focus on the ultimate power of Shiva. This way, you can experience enormous pleasure. If you are availing a Yoga teacher training India, you are most likely to experience the delight of Sukhasana.

The spine also gets elongated and the body feels stability in an awesome way while relishing the beauty of Sukhasana.

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