What is “happiness”? Since the days of Aristotle happiness has been believed to result from a healthy mix of Hedonia (pleasure) and Eudaimonia (a life well lived). In other words, we need to regularly feel life’s simple pleasures – the taste of chocolate; the sun on our face; the sound of our favourite song – and we need a comfortable life that meets our basic needs and sets us up to flourish. We need a happy home.

But what makes a home “happy”?

Every year the World Happiness Index surveys people from various countries to determine the world’s happiest population. Consistently since 2012 countries from Scandinavia have dominated the top 5, with the US in 13th place and UK in 23rd!

So what is it that makes Scandinavian countries consistently come out tops in the happiness stakes? What are they doing (or not doing) that makes for such happy homes? And is there a way to take these habits and turn them into a fool proof formula for determining happiness in the home?

Turns out, there is…

happiness formula

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Jordan Piano

Jordan Piano

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