Forget chocolates and champagne. We are getting more mindful about our health, and we want to receive gifts that reflect that shift. The best gift you can give yourself is the gift of health, today, you should be more aware of what you eat and what you input to your body. Be healthy today!

When your loved ones’ healthy eating plan and exercise regime are on track, it’s a shame to spoil it by encouraging them to pig out on an unwanted box of chocolates and break their sobriety which has actually been going well.

Health, relaxation, and well-being gifts are on trend. Even if your loved one isn’t a fitness fanatic, a well-being gift is a thoughtful gesture. There’s something very special in giving a gift that is designed to make someone feel better about themselves. Who isn’t going to love that?

Scratching your head over what wellness gift to buy? Whether you want to help your loved one relax, rejuvenate, or just generally feel better, there are lots of gifts that will hit the spot far better than chocolates, flowers or champagne.

Here are some of the best health-conscious gifts ever!

1. Relaxing spa break

The ultimate well-being gift for anyone with a moderate amount of stress in their lives has to be a relaxing spa break. Send your loved one off for a chilled afternoon, day, midweek break or a weekend to destress and relax. Quality time with a friend or loved one is a gift that is pretty hard to come by, so a voucher for two is sure to please.

Don’t worry if you can’t decide on treatments and dates, and you want to keep the surprise a secret. It’s easy to purchase vouchers instead. Many spas offer a range of vouchers from pampering treatments, ‘afternoon tea spa packages’ and overnight or weekend breaks.

Treat your loved one to a day or two of utter indulgence, and you’ll get super brownie points for this gift!

2. Fitbit Unisex Versa Smartwatch

Any of your friends or family who are into health and fitness will love the Fitbit Versa health and fitness smartwatch. Featuring activity, sleep and heart rate tracking, your active gift recipient, will be impressed by the range of functions, workouts, goal setting, and tracking options.

The superlight geometrically designed case looks ultra-cool and comes in a range of colors with leather, metal or woven straps. This is the perfect gift for anyone who cares deeply about personal fitness.

3. Foodie workshop or cooking class

A great gift for those interested in healthy eating is a food-related workshop. Courses are available all over and range from sourdough baking, dairy fermenting, Kimchi making and Kombucha brewing to raw chocolate making, nutritional health and cooking classes, and much more.

For those with a passion for the outdoors and mother nature, a foraging course is sure to hit the great gift spot.

4. Electric Aromatherapy Diffuser

According to Gold Bee, essential oils are said to ease insomnia, aid digestion and soothe skin problems. Neom Organics offer a Well-being Pod Essential oil diffuser and a range of well-being essential oil blends, including a scent to de-stress, scent to sleep, scent to make you happy and scent to boost your energy.

There are lots of different makes of aromatherapy diffusers and a variety of oils with properties for rejuvenating or relaxing. The Diptyque Un Air de Diptique Electric Diffuser looks super stylish, and with amber, berries, fig tree or wood fire scents smell great too. Neal’s Yard Remedies also have a great range.

For travelers, the Rested Squair Diffuser is small enough to pack and travel with but is surprisingly powerful.

An electric diffuser is a great gift. Let your loved one experience the benefits of aromatherapy in the home for a positive impact on body and mind.

5. Wellness retreat

A wellness retreat may sound a bit scary, but they are seriously good for the soul. There are so many different retreats to choose from, including yoga retreats, mindfulness courses, women-only retreats, life coaching adventures, journaling weekends, detox retreats, voice adventures, and many more. A retreat is a perfect gift for anyone looking to rebalance, restore, and transform.

For fitness fanatics, there are lots of sporting retreats, such as cycling, dance, horse riding, surfing, walking, yoga, and pilates. For some examples of the types of retreats available in England see here. A writing or art retreat is perfect for any aspiring writer or artist.

6. Sleep and wake-up light alarm clock

If your loved one struggles with energy and mood in the winter months, a natural light alarm clock is the perfect gift. Known alternatively as sunrise alarm clocks, wake up lights, body clock lights and SAD (seasonal affective disorder) alarm clocks, these alarm clocks mimic a gradual sunrise by slowly emitting light for a set time before your desired wake-up time.

How does it make a difference? The sudden, startling awakening of a regular alarm clock causes the body to release cortisol (a stress hormone). This can lead to poor energy and a depressed mood. There are lots of sunrise clocks on the market at a range of prices. See a selection of the best here.

Prices range from less than $20 up to around $200. If money is no object, the Lumie Bodyclock Luxe 750D is a market leader with great reviews and has a good balance of simplicity and advanced features. Protect loved ones from SAD with this fabulous gift.

Annie Button

Annie Button is a Portsmouth based writer and recent graduate. Annie likes to share her experiences and knowledge through her blog posts and has written for various online and print publications. When she’s not writing Annie enjoys relaxing with a good book. If you're looking for further well-being gift inspiration, take a look at Into The Blue for a relaxing spa break. Twitter: Annie Button