I’m sure you have read every article and book under the sun about positive affirmations like I have.

I remember the first time I started doing affirmations.  I had a long list of things that I would say to myself but nothing stuck with me because I didn’t believe in what I was saying to myself.

Yet I kept saying these positive affirmations to myself thinking it would work.

Then I realized that I had to learn to do things that would work for me.  It took me a while to realize that because I kept on following what other people were telling me to do and when I didn’t follow them, I started to punish and self sabotage myself.

Over the years, I learned to keep things super simple but powerful at the same time.  I decided to use 3 key positive affirmations that would help me see myself in a positive way.

Now, you can use this if you wish or you can alter it to your liking.  This is the best part of growing and learning more about yourself is that YOU get to choose what works and what doesn’t work for you.

I only chose three key positive affirmations because I wanted something simple that I can remember and say whenever I was not feeling great about myself.

It was three simple sayings that also sums up every other affirmation that I have said to myself in the past.

So here are three key positive affirmations that you can use to say to yourself…

I am enough.
I am loved.
I am worthy.

That’s it!

You’re probably wondering why I only chose these three key affirmations.  Being a woman of Asian descent, we have always been taught to follow the orders of our family and our culture which has resulted in not knowing our own worth and power.

I dealt with that as well.  I thought I was never good enough for anything.  Many times, I stopped myself from taking that leap of faith because of the belief that there are better people out there who are more worthy than I am.

Good thing I learned to prove myself wrong.

Also, playing the compare game has led me to keep on shaming myself for not looking like the models you see on billboards, magazines or on Instagram.  I thought I wasn’t worthy as a person because I didn’t look a certain way and started hating myself for it.

I’m sure you have gone through the same things.  Not feeling worthy, not feeling that you’re good enough and not feeling loved.

So when in moments of self doubt, I say just three positive affirmations.

I am enough.
I am loved.
I am worthy.

Everytime I say these affirmations, all my doubts go away and I start taking the action that I want even if I have no clue what I’m doing because I know that whatever I do, I am worthy enough to figure it out along the way.

Also, saying positive affirmations isn’t just about saying it out loud to yourself.  You have to believe it when you say it.  The more you keep on believing the words you say to yourself, the more it will happen for you.

So I will warn you that at first it will feel weird saying these positive affirmations to yourself only because you aren’t used to it and it’s something new like when you first learn to ride your bike.

But like riding a bike, the more you keep doing it, the better you will be at it, and that weird and uncomfortable feeling will go away.

You can say these affirmations everyday if you want to or when you feeling low on yourself.  We all have days where we don’t feel like we’re on top of the world and that is why having positive affirmations help you out along the way.

So there you have it.  I will repeat the three key positive affirmations that you can use in your moments of self doubt.

I am enough.
I am loved.
I am worthy.

If you have positive affirmations that you use, I would love to know them in the comments section below.

Sheena Yap Chan

Sheena Yap Chan is a blogger, podcaster, self confidence consultant, author and speaker whose sole purpose, drive and passion is to help women live a better life. She currently inspires women everyday through her podcast called The Tao of Self Confidence where she interviews various women about their inner journey to self confidence. Sheena also teaches women how to create a business and live life by design by learning how to create an income utilizing the Internet. You can learn more about Sheena and connect with her on her website, iTunes, and Sticher.