Sarah Lawrence Hinson

Sarah Lawrence Hinson is a spiritual blogger, intuitive reader of the Akashic Records and Personal Energy Coach. Since 2010 she has been writing about her experiences of different energy modalities, alternative health and wellness, intuitive insights and her awakening to the remembrance of the Akashic Records, a soul-level energy that literally ‘records’ our lives, thoughts, circumstances and emotions. Think of the Akash as the spiritual internet! She is excited to share her unique perspective with the FinerMinds community. Like many of the readers here, she is on a spiritual journey and has had many an odd experience on the way. She is qualified in an internationally recognized form of energy work, is a reflexologist and somewhat of a nerd with Wordpress. Sometimes the actual internet is just as interesting as the spiritual/Akashic version. In 3D, she is a Brit abroad raising two teenage girls in the heart of the MidWest.

If you’ve traveled on the spiritual journey for a while, then you have bumped into the concept of chakras. But if you’re still wondering what they are or what having a blocked chakra means for you, here are some easy-to-understand answers. What are chakras (and what does it feel like when a chakra is opening or spinning)? Your chakras are spinning wheels of energy. They reside in your body from the base of your spine…