This month is all about love. You are going to learn all about self-love, romantic love and spiritual love. So much beauty awaits you!

Bursting with Life!

This is an interesting month because we’re in the sun sign of Aries until the 19th. Aries is all about being aggressive and going for what you want while having confidence and courage. It’s the energy of spring. It’s that forceful energy that pushes the sprouts through the ground.

The energy of Aries is being tempered this month because we have five planets in retrograde. The forward-moving energy of Aries is tempered by backwards moving energies of the retrogrades. This is the Universe’s way of reminding you to slow down and enjoy life.

Enrich your self-worth with the retrogrades

The retrogrades are all about re-everything. They require more of an inner process than an external one. With five planets in retrograde, a lot of what the movement is this month is internal, emotional, spiritual and psychic. It doesn’t mean there’s not going to be forward movement because there really is that Aries energy moving you forward.

This month is pivotal for you to really allow yourself to slow down, appreciate yourself and your life. Reconnect with your heart and all that’s beautiful.

Venus Rising

Venus is really active all month long which means love rules! Our Sun moves into Venus-ruled Taurus on the 19th, and we also have several planets in Taurus (including our Mercury Retrograde. Venus is also retrograde in Pisces from April 2-15th. This is an opportunity to re-evaluate your relationships and bring more love into your life!

You’ll want to make sure you’re really feeling joy and passion and love as you’re moving forward with your activities and your plans. Ask yourself if there is an equal exchange of the love that you’re giving to people and situations, and that you’re receiving love in equal measure.


1. Use your imagination

Your imagination is the link to the spiritual realm. That’s why your guides and angels can communicate with you so easily through your dreams!. You might think “I have this idea for something. Am I just imagining it?” You are using your imagination to receive an inspiration from spirit. Pay attention to your imagination. It’s real place!

If you’re in a situation where you feel stuck, take some time to imagine a better possibility. Imagine what it’s like to be in harmony or flow with that situation. When you’re engaging your imagination, you’re engaging your power of creation. You’re actually creating it when you imagine it. Imagine the best for yourself and others.

2. Surround yourself with beauty

There’s beauty all around you and within you. If you need help seeing the world through the eyes of beauty, you can call upon Archangel Jophiel.

Slow down and appreciate what you already have, all the love and beauty that you’re giving to the world already because that says to you and the universe, “I’m good enough right now. Look at all that I have in my heart that I am sharing with everyone right now.” Appreciate your body for the beautiful being that it is and appreciate the nature around you.

Be in beauty as much as you can. Be creative. Do art. Appreciate art. Be in nature. Slow down and be present. That’s going to raise your vibration so much and open you up so much it tells the world, “I want more to appreciate. I want more of this in my life.” It makes you feel good. That just keeps going and going.

3. Bring love to dark places

If there’s an area in your life that’s not working out, that you don’t feel good about, instead of trying to push your way through it or fix it, you can call in the divine energy of Love. You can picture light and love coming through you or coming through those areas. You can visualize your career or relationship and see light and love surrounding it.

Love is the strongest energy in the Universe. If you ask to be filled with Love, you are raising the vibration of you and everyone around you and things start to flow. This beautiful energy can heal anyone or anything. There’s no need to strain. Love heals all.

The angels embody the energy of Love, so if you need assistance, you can always call upon them to help you. You’re never alone on your journey.

April’s Gift to You

If you truly learn to slow down and appreciate all life has for you, not only will you have a lovely month, your whole life can change.

Have a wonderful month – and remember to look at the sky!

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