When your alarm goes off in the morning, are you immediately filled with dread? While we may not wake up each day excited to head into work, it isn’t normal to hate heading into the office every day.

Many people are unhappy in their jobs. Unfortunately, they believe this feeling is normal and do very little to try and change it. Because they assume everyone else is equally unhappy with their jobs or there isn’t a job out there they’d feel better in, they become complacent.

However, being unhappy with your job can hold you back from being happy with your life. These six signs may indicate it’s time to find a new position.

1. You Haven’t Advanced

No matter the industry you’re in, you want to know you’re moving toward something bigger. Advancement takes many forms, from getting promotions to taking on new responsibilities or even getting a raise or bonus. However, if you haven’t advanced, the job may not be the right fit for you.

If you feel like your job responsibilities are exactly the same as the day you started, it may be a sign you’re ready to move on. Consider whether or not you’re advancing the way you’d hoped. If not, it may be time to start looking for another job.

2. Your Employer Doesn’t Put Your Health First

You should never feel like your health is at risk when you’re at work. While some industries and positions may be a bit more dangerous than others, your employer should be doing all they can to ensure your safety. For example, if you have to work around noisy equipment on a daily basis, your boss needs to provide you with the proper safety attire. Occupational noise has been shown to accelerate hearing loss, and improper care could have long-term effects.

If your employer isn’t going above and beyond to help you maintain your health, you probably want to consider a new job. It’s not worth risking your long-term health for a company that cares little for your well-being.

3. You’re Constantly Stressed

It’s normal to feel stressed occasionally. You can fall behind, take on too much work or have a busy period where you need to cover a coworker. However, you shouldn’t be in a constant state of stress. If you feel like you always have more on your plate than you can handle, your job may not be right for you.

If you’ve talked with your boss about having too much responsibility and they haven’t helped you adjust, consider what other positions may be available. While the job may be the right fit, if the company is putting too much pressure on you, it may be time to move on.

4. Your Office Is Toxic

Sometimes, you just don’t click with someone in your office. While it’s OK if you don’t have the strongest relationship with your coworkers, you don’t want the office to become a toxic environment. If there is constant drama between your coworkers, your boss or other company employees, it may be taking a greater toll on you than you think.

The effects of a toxic workspace can seep into your entire life. When you not only need to deal with the stress of work, but also the games your coworkers may be playing, it can become exhausting to go to work every day. If you feel like your office is a bad environment for you to be in, consider looking for a new job.

5. You’re Not Using Your Skills

No matter what your skills are, you want to be able to show them off while at work. Not only do you want to put your skills to good use, but you also want to define and develop them to grow stronger. If you’re not using your skills, it may be time to look for a new job.

You want a position that will help you get better at what you love to do. If you’re not getting the right opportunities to grow, look for new employment.

6. You Don’t Care About the Outcomes

We work best when we’re invested in the outcomes and success of the company. However, if you feel so detached from the work that you’re doing that you don’t care what happens, you’ll struggle to feel motivated and fulfilled at work.

If you find yourself not caring about how your project ends, it’s time you found more fulfilling work. Consider a new position with a different company or an entirely different industry.

Don’t settle for a job you’re unhappy with. If you feel like there’s something better out there for you, don’t waste any more time. Start looking for a new position immediately.

Kayla Matthews

Kayla Matthews is the owner and editor of Productivity Theory, a blog about lifehacking and self-fulfillment. To read more posts by Kayla, you can subscribe to her blog or follow her on Twitter.