Everyone dreams of becoming very successful at a young age. But only a handful of people realize this dream. Why does this happen? There is only one thing that determines whether a young person will be successful early in life or not. That thing is choices.

Every person is faced with a series of choices at any given time. What kind of choices determine whether you’ll be a successful young leader or not? It’s those small, moment-to-moment choices that determine your future.

For example, it’s deciding whether you’ll read a good self-improvement book or watch your favorite night show. Or whether you’ll complete that business plan or go out partying with your friends. And it’s deciding whether you’ll save 10% of every dollar you earn or spend everything you have. Small choices always add up to huge results.

No one gets fat overnight. No one gets divorced overnight. No one gets bankrupt overnight. It’s making small, poor choices daily that leads to disaster.

To be a successful leader, you need to be aware of the choices you make every moment. Every choice counts.

Successful young leaders know what they want to be and persist long enough until they accomplish their goals. While experience is an important aspect of success, it is not a determining factor. Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates when he was 20. Apple went public when Steve Jobs was 25.

Today, we are going to discuss the top 15 tips that can make any young person a successful leader. Remember, no one is better, more capable or smarter than you. We are all born naked. You have what you need to be successful. All you need to do is learn how to use what you have in the right manner.

1. Leaders are readers

Young successful leaders are constantly learning and improving themselves. They read so that they can learn how to use the tools they have in the right manner. They not only read but also put to practice what they learn.

Just like professional writers know, they understand that knowledge is the potential of power and that using the knowledge is power.

2. Time management

Unsuccessful people never have time. They waste their time without knowing and end up being stressed and frustrated.

Successful young leaders manage their time well. They take the time to plan their day the night before. They wake early and start working while everyone is asleep. And that’s why they always have time for leisure and loved ones.

3. Talk less and listen more

A great leader takes his time to understand other people’s thoughts and feelings. And this can only be done through effective listening. To make informed decisions, you need to be a good listener.

Poor listening is the major cause of poor results and frustrations in life. Talk less. Listen more.

4. Focus on high priority tasks

Young leaders focus on high priority tasks. They work on high priority tasks all day long. A high priority task has potential consequences.

For example, reading a book to improve a skill, attending networking events and exercising to improve health.

A low priority task has low or no consequences at all. This is what unsuccessful people focus on. They include surfing the internet for fun, chatting, reading newspapers and gossiping.

5. Keep calm and relax

During turbulent times, it’s very easy to become angry and frustrated, and this may lead to lashing out on your team and loved ones.

Epictetus said, “Circumstances reveal a man to himself.” People who cannot control their emotions end up making a lot of grave mistakes. It is important to keep calm and relax especially in turbulent times.

6. Do what you love

Doing what you love is life. Doing what you hate is the high road to failure and dissatisfaction in life.

Successful young leaders do what they love. They are willing to give up security to follow their passion. In the end, they make it big.

7. Be organized

Being organized enhances clarity and increases the chances of achieving your goals. Plan your day. Arrange your tasks in order of priority. Keep your working area and your home clean.

8. Honesty is key

Be honest with your friends and family members. Be honest with your team. Do not hide important information concerning other people. Tell them in a straight forward way.

Once people recognize your honesty, they’ll trust you.

9. Solve problems effectively

Being a leader involves solving problems on a daily basis. People who blame others and complain all the time will never be leaders.

A successful leader is solution-oriented. He or she understands that blaming others or complaining is a waste of time because nothing can be changed by doing that.

10. Have fun

Successful leaders always have the time to relax and spend their time with family and friends. Do not push yourself too hard. Relaxing and recovering is as important as working.

Remember, you are young. Have fun and enjoy.

11. Pay attention

Pay attention to how you behave at different times during the day. Pay close attention to other people’s verbal and non-verbal languages.

As the saying goes, action speaks louder than words. Paying attention to everything without discrimination will help you learn a lot of things.

12. Promote equality and fairness

No one is capable or smarter than someone else. Everyone is equal. Sometimes, you may find yourself picking your favorites and following what they advise you to do without thinking twice.

To avoid this, listen to everyone’s opinion and make your own decision. If anyone makes a mistake, let them know.

13. Show sympathy

While it’s important to be tough, you should remember that you are a human being and you are surrounded by other human beings. It doesn’t hurt to sympathize with your team during a rough time such as divorce or loss of a loved one.

14. Understand yourself

If you do not understand yourself, how will you understand another person? Leaders understand themselves. They know why they do what they do.

You can understand yourself better by taking meditation classes or simply isolating yourself for a couple of minutes every day to reflect.

15. Earn your team’s respect

Earning is respect is easy so long as you respect others and behave ethically. Be a role model for other people by doing what you say. You cannot buy or get respect. You have to earn it.


Being a young successful leader is everyone’s dream. You can do it! Just follow the tips discussed above, and you will be on your way to success.

Which tip will you start implementing today?

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