Unfortunately, a lot of individuals have to cope with their miserable jobs each and every day. What is a miserable job, though? Well, no job is miserable. It becomes miserable when your personality, standards, and passions are different from the job you’re working.

Moreover, when a job doesn’t grant you with a lot of benefits, you’ll slowly start to assign negative beliefs and thoughts to it. That’s how people end up miserable. The necessity of having a job is often big. However, once a person realizes that a job is not meant for him, he/she has two choices:

  1. Keep going to that job OR
  2. Quit and find something better

Nevertheless, I’d say that the key lies in balancing these two choices. You have to learn how to cope with your unsatisfying job while stepping out of your comfort zone and searching for something else.

In today’s post, we’re giving you 5 ways to cope with your current job. Considering that you’re spending half of your days in that place, adding elements of joy and satisfaction is surely going to improve your overall happiness state. Remember. Balance is key, so strive to reach it as soon as you can.

1. Live the Present Moment

Mark Manley, career counselor from CareersBooster, shares his insights on the matter:

Many individuals are stuck in their heads. Once they associate their jobs with the word “miserable” or “bad”, they keep thinking, and thinking. Unfortunately, this cycle of thinking often causes unfulfillment, disappointment and rarely anger.

There’s a very simple solution though. Instead of going to work and “staying in your head”, try focusing on the present moment. There’s only “now”, so start paying attention to everything that’s going on around you, right now.

2. Improve Your Relationships with Your Colleagues

If the job itself does not satisfy you, maybe the people who work there will. Still, you can’t have a good time with your colleagues if you haven’t really attempted to improve the bonds and the relationships.

Therefore, to better cope with your daily job, start focusing on your personal relationships with those who are in the same office with you.

3. Find Growth Opportunities in Everything You Can

Human beings have several needs. One of them is the need of growth. However, not a lot of people acknowledge or pursue this need. For many, it is stuck deep beneath their subconscious minds, so it is purely neglected.

Still, just by being aware of it, you will improve your motivation levels and you’ll find new purposes. Even though your job might not offer the aspects that you’re looking for, pay attention to everything that you have to learn from your environment.

You don’t like your job. That’s a fact. What can you do now? Sit and cry? That’s not a productive solution. So, looking for growth opportunities in your office might save you from living some totally unfulfilling 8 hours.

4. Be Grateful for What You Have

Gratefulness pays off big time. Did you know that when you enter a state of gratefulness, there’s absolutely no negative emotion that can still stay strong? Start to remember the aspects that you should be grateful for. You might have a great family, a great spouse, or a great colleague.

Focus on that instead of the negative aspects, and implement this positive habit in your life. Every morning before work, you can simply take 5 minutes of your time for a quick reflection.

5. Look for Better While Staying Positive and Confident

Lastly, you should not allow this job to be present in your life forever. While staying positive and confident and also while learning to better cope with it, look for something else.

There are millions of jobs out there. In today’s times, you can find job posts everywhere around the web, and you can even become an independent freelancer in any field. You have choices, so you’d better start respecting your present and future overall well-being by changing a miserable job into a satisfying one.


Coping with a miserable job always comes with extra efforts. However, necessities often oblige us to overstep our boundaries. We need to perform better, we need to do better, and we need to be better.

However, there’s another solution to this problem. You can (and should) start looking for a more stimulating job. Something that makes you itch. Work should never be a terror for you. Therefore, start realizing the importance of spending half of your days at a satisfying job instead of a miserable one.

Eva Wislow

Eva Wislow

Eva Wislow is a Career Coach from Pittsburgh, PA. Eva has a degree in Psychology and she is focusing on helping people break down their limits, find a dream job and achieve life and career success. Catch Eva on Twitter.

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