Recently, I have been beginning my talks with the statement, I am going to talk to you in the next few minutes, about the meaning of life.

More often than not, when I finish, people say, “yeah, you’re right.” But if your eyes glaze over as you read this, or you get angry, or you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, it may be that you’re not ready for this at this time. Or it could be something else—I don’t know.

What does this have to do with brainwave entrainment? Everything!

Powerful, new tools that entrain our brains to transformational brainwave states have given us and our present generations the capacities to accomplish “the four pillars of the meaning of life”, with an efficiency and speed that no generations before us have ever had, which greatly democratizes this evolutionary process.

Even so, you might say, this sounds very difficult and elitist — but this is an elitism to which we are all invited and called.

But first, let’s explore “the four pillars of the meaning of life” temple. Be forewarned that this includes spirituality among other things. I hope you won’t find it too churchy or annoyingly religious.

Pillar #1 – Wake Up

Alone tree in wide landscape

This means, we have to remember and totally get who and what we are at the deepest level—what we are, have been, and always will be. Not as a mere intellectual understanding (which ain’t bad) but an absolute whole body, whole spirit, whole soul realization.

Often, this is experienced not as something new but as a remembrance.

Pillar #2 – Grow Up

This means; reaching the highest level of our potential moral and ethical development.

There are many developmental models that illustrate this. One of the best known, most popular, and very useful is Spiral Dynamics, which intimately and exquisitely maps our development from pre-egoic to egoic to ethnocentric, global, and even cosmic levels of moral development.

This is critical because, no matter the depth of our awakening in Pillar #1, it will be channeled through the highest level of our own personal moral development.

Therefore, it’s important to get to the higher levels so as not to screw things up and cause more problems. At the higher levels, the transmission of this awakening is more inclusive and will be as clear, wise, and skillful as humanly possible.

Pillar #3 – Clean Up

This means we have to take care of our business; both inner and outer. The outer is that we have to nurture; our beautiful and precious bodies with the right nutrition, exercise, ambiance, etc. in order for our bodies to be the tools they need to be to accomplish Pillar #4.

Also, it means we have to clear up our inner landscape: our shadow material, our repressed wounds, our negative stories, negative thoughts, obsessions, addictions, hatreds, and so on. Again, without this inner work, the transmission of Pillar #1 becomes distorted and almost always pathological.

This also means cleaning the unconscious closets of our essential gifts that we need to give to the world. Those brilliant parts of ourselves that we have not cultivated and shared. This is also a cause of great suffering.

Pillar #4 – Show Up

This means we have to take the first three pillars, put them together in a package, and give it with grace, compassion, skillfulness, and beauty to the world. It’s why we’re here.

Using powerful brainwave entrainment tools with sincerity and courage in our daily meditation practice allows us to wake up, grow up, clean up, and show up. It allows us to build the temple and experience the meaning of our life.

That’s it. That’s what we’re here to do. There has been no time in human history when this meaning and purpose has been more desperately needed. For, if we have not done this essential work, we will not be able to transform, heal, and even save our precious world.

If you resonate with this, then you’re ready. If you say, well, I’m already doing this, then you’re on the path.

The real payoff and fulfillment of the process towards the meaning of life is when we get into those zones, where we know that our small individual selves are being utilized as the channels and instruments of our much greater, higher Self.

There’s nothing like having clarity over the meaning of life and living in harmony with it. It fills us with joy, peace, humility, gratitude, and great compassion for ourselves and all beings.

Amen. Aho. Namaste.

How did brainwave entrainment contribute to your journey? Share it with us in the comments below!

John Dupuy

John Dupuy is the CEO of iAwake Technologies and travels internationally to teach and inspire on the subjects of Integral Recovery, Integral Transformative Practice, and the use of brainwave entrainment technology to deepen one’s meditation practice and in the treatment of addiction, depression, and PTSD.